Where to Look for your Wedding Inspiration

Finding inspiration for your big day can be a stressful experience. Unless you have had your perfect wedding planned since you were a little girl and know exactly what sort of day you want to create from the colour of your table centerpieces to your walking down the aisle song – it is easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed when it comes to choosing and finding your wedding inspo! 

If you’re finding it difficult to gather inspiration for your wedding, then fear not! You just need to search in the right places.

Here are some of the best ways to gather ideas for your special day…

Look Closer to Home

First and foremost – look for inspiration all around you! From your home, to your wardrobe and favourite places. If you have a rose gold theme running through your home and this is your favourite colour then incorporate it into your wedding. If your favourite food is Italian and you love visiting Italian restaurants, then why not incorporate the cuisine or the country itself into your wedding? The best inspiration is what is found around you on a day to day basis and what is most personal to you, ensuring that your day is unique and full of your favourite things! 


Pinterest is a dream for weddings! It is the modern day form of scrap booking and not only is it great for weddings, it is perfect for life in general! All you need to do is search for ‘wedding’ or ‘wedding inspiration’ and you will be shown endless amounts of ideas for your special day. You can also be more specific with your searches, for example searching ‘beach wedding abroad’ or ‘white wedding inspiration’. Make an account, create a moodboard and start pinning! 

Social Media

If you’re a user on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter then make use of this for your wedding by following wedding related pages. Social Media is up and coming more and more every day and there are so many wedding pages out there that are there to inspire you! 

The Old Fashioned way – Magazines and Scrap booking!

Pinterest may be the modern way of scrap booking, but there is still nothing wrong with buying a magazine and cutting out pages which inspire you. Plus, who doesn’t love sitting with their feet up reading a magazine!? Even better when is related to your big day! If you’re tying the knot abroad – grab a copy of Bride’s Abroad Magazine

Wedding Blogs

Online wedding blogs are the perfect source for gathering ideas. Sign up to newsletters such as Brides, wedding and wedding flowers, Style Me Pretty and have inspiration coming straight to your inbox! 

What have you found most helpful when searching for your wedding inspiration? Do you have any ideas to add to the list? Leave your comments below!



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