Filerimos Cross Wedding | Rhodes

A Filerimos Cross Rhodes is the perfect venue for an outdoor ceremony in a setting of historical significance.

Set hundreds of meters above sea level, high in the beautiful Filerimos mountains, is an historical monastery. Dating back to the early 14th century this monastery is set amongst rich forests and beautiful woodland with fantastic views of the sea. It is the perfect wedding venue for those wanting a ceremony in natural settings with a serene ambience.

Your ceremony at Filerimos Cross Rhodes will be held at the magnificent entrance to the monastery. There are so many beautiful photography options here, photos can be taken around the immediate area and also on the grounds of the Monastery itself (for a small entrance fee).

The walk from the car park to the cross where the ceremony takes place is approx 5 minutes, so this venue is more suitable for those able bodied. After the ceremony and photos at Filerimos Cross Rhodes we’ll take you away to one of our amazing reception venues close by, either a local taverna or one of our more formal and very stylish hotels.

To discuss your wedding at the Filerimos Cross Rhodes please contact our expert team.


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