Meet the Team!

Lisa Burton

I’m the founder and head wedding planner of the Bridal Consultant.

The idea initially came to me from a mix of my love of travel and planning my own destination wedding with a less than competent wedding planner. Albeit I was getting married in Scotland and living in England the stresses were still the same. Not being able to get in contact with our wedding planner (he went on a ‘round the world trip’ for 3 months just before my wedding) led to lots of unnecessary worry and stress in the run up to the wedding. In the end we had the perfect day (even though it rained all day), and due to that experience I founded The Bridal Consultant.

My earlier 20’s were spent travelling Southern America and the Caribbean, during this time I witnessed the conveyor belt style weddings and this helped me to define the concept of The Bridal Consultant and decide which type of weddings I did, and more importantly didn’t want to plan.

I decided to create a company that would offer excellent communication first and foremost and be completely honest, for example we have no hidden fees, no small print in our contract, no unfair practices and will be as flexible as possible within the realms of the venue you are working with as we know things don’t always go to plan when it comes to weddings!

We focus on building strong relationships with all of our partners and vendors and this is really our key focus. When we consider a new venue or visit a new destination I don’t only think of it from my point of view but I also consider what our clients want and desire.

I’m proud of the way the Bridal Consultant has grown and is now one of the leading wedding planning agencies in the UK offering bespoke destination weddings.

Due to the quality of our weddings our reputation has grown with us and first and foremost is our client experience. Awards are lovely but more importantly to us is the feedback from our couples after the big day!

Favourite Flower


Favourite colour

Green (like the website)

Favourite place to holiday

Hard one as I’d happily holiday anywhere, I’m a traveller at heart and love discovering new places. However my very favourite place is Barbados, where I met my husband.

Favourite place to eat

‘love Turkish food! What they do with spices is amazing! ‘

Sasha Nelson

I’m Sasha, wedding planner at The Bridal Consultant.

I have been a part of The Bridal Consultant team for almost 3 years and in this time have gained lots of knowledge and experience in planning beautiful overseas weddings!

To me, my job is a chance to let out my creative side and give my couples a wedding planning experience that is as stress free and most importantly as enjoyable as possible!

I love the excitement surrounding my role and really enjoy discussing new ideas and talking weddings. I also take some time aside to write blogs to inspire all of you brides to be.

When I’m not planning weddings, I love planning my own trips, seeing new places and having something to look forward to! Whether this be visiting new cities, weekends away or my number one favourite…holidays abroad!

Favourite flower

Roses (a classic)

Favourite colour

Baby blue

Favourite place to holiday

Anywhere with sun and sand

Favourite place to eat

Has to be a nandos (I’m a regular there!)

So there you have it, we are the team behind all of those beautiful weddings abroad planned and those yet to be planned by The Bridal Consultant! If you’d like to read more about us and how we work click here.