Indian Weddings Abroad

There is nothing as spectacular as an Indian wedding abroad!

The vibrant colours, the customs, the joyous dancing and celebrating involving all the family and guests!

If you wish to escape the dull and dreary skies of the UK and instead, have a unique sea or landscape backdrop with endless clear blue skies, rolling hills or even a beach setting then have you considering hosting your Indian wedding abroad?

We offer a gorgeous selection of venues for an Indian wedding in Europe.

With careful consideration the whole event could be arranged outside, can you think of anything more romantic than the soft sun, gentle breeze or the waves of the ocean adding an ambience during the ceremony? Or a beautiful chilled out beach bar for your Mehndi party?

An Indian wedding abroad in the Mediterranean allows you a short flight time, easy access to hotels and flights. With frequent flights you can continue the celebration after the wedding and have a memorable holiday with family and friends too! Also the cost savings are quite attractive compared to an event back in the UK.

We’ll use our experience and local contacts to tailor your wedding taking away all the stress and the fear of the unknown. This means you can simply enjoy the experience and look forward to your celebration.

Typically an Indian wedding abroad is tailored down somewhat, with either a 2 or 3 day affair, and sometimes but not always incorporation a traditional Civil ceremony.

How would it work?

Day one tends to be the Mehndi welcome party. These days it is usual to have all guests attend and it be more of a welcome party, even though the ladies will normally come along earlier to start the celebrations the traditional way. A Henna artist is usually in attendance here to decorate the bride ready for her big day.

Day two is often the main event. The Hindu celebration, which is either a 3 hour or shortened 90 minute version incorporating the traditions of the family. Most couples personalise their service to ensure it includes the traditions most special to them. The Hindu ceremony is then celebrated with food and dancing!

If day three is added this tends to be an after wedding celebration of the bride and groom and involves food/drinks and yes more dancing!
We understand every Indian wedding is different. We’ll work very closely with each couple to ensure the parts most important to you are included and that your vision comes alive.

There is nothing more exciting than fusing tradition with local custom be it through entertainment, customs or food! You can be as traditional or unique as you like!

How Much Will it cost to have my Indian Wedding Abroad?

We understand the worry over budgeting for these very unique events. Also as Indian weddings abroad tend to be smaller than a similar wedding in the UK where do you start when it comes to setting a budget? For example, what is the cost of a Indian wedding in Italy?

For this reason we’ve handpicked a range of venues that will work logistically and offer the perfect setting with beautiful backdrop. Our sample packages cover the cost of a 2 day event abroad. We’ve carefully considered our sample prices to include the most significant elements such as the decoration of the Mandap. Please use these as a guiding point from which to develop your own day.

From arranging the welcome party for you to welcome your guests with food and dancing, to the Hindu ceremony including your own family traditions, to the celebrations afterwards into the early hours.

Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements, we’re now booking into 2018 and 2019.