10 Reasons to book your wedding abroad with us.

Are you a Bridal Consultant client?

Booking a wedding abroad is a big decision, so who will you trust with your most special of special days? Over the last 10 years we’ve got to know this industry pretty well and like to think we know what our customers want. Our high rate of word of mouth recommendations and testimonials really speak for themselves, however here is a handy concise list of the ultimate top 10 reasons people book their wedding abroad with us (we could come up with many more but we had to stop somewhere!

Why people choose us;

  1. Trusted company with over 12 years experience planning beautiful weddings abroad.
  2. Our experts know all there is to know about our wedding venues, we’re honest, if we don’t see your idea working we’ll tell you and come up with a fabulous alternative.
  3. There are no hidden costs when you book your wedding abroad with us – you don’t need to worry about any small print!
  4. While we offer you sample packages for ideas, each wedding we work with is tailor made, to us every wedding is unique and we will tailor your wedding to ensure it fits your vision perfectly.
  5. We don’t just plan weddings abroad, we design them. We work with some of the best florists and decorators in the industry and we’ll work with you to create your dream vision.
  6. We feel that our expertise is best used on weddings with receptions for minimum party sizes of 25 so we don’t plan wedding ceremonies alone. However we also understand that you can’t confirm your guest list more than a few months in advance and we won’t charge you if you end with fewer guests than you anticipated, I mean really, who can tell a year in advance how many guests will attend?
  7. We don’t charge extra for processing your wedding legal work, as you’d expect when using a specialist wedding planning company. With us nothing is left to chance. With us all your legal work is processed to ensure your wedding abroad is fully legal.
  8. We don’t concentrate on how many weddings we book, but how many weddings we can give our full attention too. We have a set amount of weddings we can plan each year to ensure that we have enough time to give each couple the attention they deserve, this means we sometimes have to turn some wedding bookings down!
  9. With us quality comes first, our weddings exceed expectations, not just meet them.
  10. We don’t force you to book, we know you’ll book when you are ready, booking a wedding is big, not a decision to be rushed!

If you want to hear what our customers think then visit our main testimonial page, in a recent survey our couples told us that our testimonials were the main deciding factor when it came to choosing us to help plan their wedding abroad.