Wedding In Italy

If your considering getting married in Italy then our Certaldo wedding venue is set on a charming hill top village where no cars are allowed, access is via a Funicular railway. You can be like a traditional Italian bride and walk to your wedding and then enjoy amazing local food while overlooking the beautiful scenery in the valley below.

Our city wedding in Siena is for those that want something a little more sophisticated while not forgetting you are in this beautiful part of Italy.

Private villas are great for those wanting to have a wedding celebration that last over a few days in your own luxurious surroundings. We’ll take care of all the details you need, from decoration to caterers and transport to table plans. All you need to do is choose your venue and imagine your wedding as you truly wish it to be, we’ll take your vision and ideas and work with you develop a wedding day that is more than you ever dreamed of.

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