Wedding Abroad Save the Date Ideas

When tying the knot overseas it’s important to give your guests as much notice as possible so that they have time to make travel arrangements and save for the occasion. You will find that most of your guests will tie your wedding in with their annual holiday, however for others it will be the case of just coming over for a couple of days to celebrate your special day. 

The best way to announce that you’re getting married abroad is to send a save the date! A Save the Date comes before the official invitation and announces that you’ve set a date for your big day and that the recipient is invited. The information that needs to be included on a Save the Date is:

  • Your invited guests name/s
  • Your wedding date
  • Your wedding destination

At this stage you don’t need to make your guests aware of your venue name/s or approximate timings as these usually come with the official invitation. 

There are so many wedding abroad save the date ideas, so today we’re going to share some of our favourites for you to choose from….

Boarding Pass

What’s more fitting for a destination wedding than a boarding pass style save the date card!? This is a very popular choice and you can personalise it by tying in your future wedding colours or adding a photo/map of your wedding destination. 

Write it in a poem

If you would consider yourself to be quite creative with your words and want to announce your wedding in a unique way –  then why not do it in a poem? 

Luggage Tags

This is another great save the date idea fitted for a destination wedding. Just like the boarding pass, these can be personalised with your wedding colours and a photo/map of your wedding destination.

A map

Do you think your guests would be able to guess your chosen wedding location from a map of the destination itself!? Try it! 

Message in a Bottle

One of our all time favourite ways of announcing a destination wedding – sending a message in a bottle to your guests! Perfect for a beach wedding as you can incorporate some sand and shells! 

Wedding Website

If you think that technology is the way forward then why not forget the idea of sending out a save the date by post and create a beautiful wedding website with all of the details your guests will need instead! Wedding websites are becoming increasingly popular and are an easy way for guests to access wedding details and for you to update them throughout the wedding planning. Our Santorini bride Lianne had a wedding website made, you can take a look at it here for inspiration. One thing to note with this idea though is that it may not suit your elderly relatives. If you have elderly guests attending who aren’t up to date with technology – make sure to send them the special details separately.

How will you be announcing your wedding date to your guests? Leave your comments in the box below!



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