Trending Winter Wedding Colours for 2018

When thinking about your perfect wedding there are a lot of details to take into consideration. The venue, wedding decor, bridal party attire and many other details can become overwhelming. One way to narrow down your wedding options is to choose the color scheme that sets the tone for your wedding.

The colors you choose for your wedding can be bold, passionate — whatever feels like you. Maybe you’re looking for wedding colours that are more true to a classic look, or colors that evoke a casual and fun atmosphere for your wedding day. No matter what theme or mood you are hoping to set, here are a few trending color combinations that would make any wedding, particularly a wedding wedding, beautiful and unforgettable.

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Navy and Marsala


Marsala is a shade darker than red and boldly stands out in detailed wedding photographs. Passionate and impulsive, marsala sets a dramatic tone and radiates warmth. Navy is a perfect pair to this strong marsala hue. Navy brings a sense of balance that is complementary to bolder colours. Together the colours create a mood of elegance and passion that would look beautiful incorporated in bridal party attire or the wedding decor details.

Black and Olive

To keep your winter wedding elegant with an organic twist, consider pairing the colors black and olive throughout the details of your wedding. The look of a black tuxedo is sophisticated and will forever be a timeless wedding look. To give this classic look a more modern twist, you can incorporate the natural tones of olive. Olive is an earthy tone with a feeling of warmth. Its fresh appearance makes this color perfect for both small and large details of your special day. Another great option for your special day is to incorporate olive in the table centerpieces as well as the flower bouquets carried by bridesmaids.


Plum & Grey

If you are looking for a color combination that is spontaneous, keeps things casual and has an element of fun, grey and plum pair perfectly together. Grey has a way of giving your wedding a feeling that is both casual and relaxed and classy and sharp. Incorporating plum tones in your wedding will create an inspiring, charming and outgoing vibe. While it’s not usually associated with the winter season, this shade of purple is able to make your special day unique from others and draw the eye to the details in your wedding that might otherwise be missed.

Winter is an especially perfect time to use colour to make details and decor pop for your special day given the beautiful white backdrop of the season itself. The colours you choose for your wedding can help tell the story of your romance. Don’t be afraid to get creative with how you incorporate these colours.

What colors would you use for your winter wedding?

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