Tips for Hosting a Small and Intimate Wedding

Small and intimate weddings have many advantages. Having only those closest to you attend your special day makes it a more personal celebration and allows you to spend quality time with all of your loved ones throughout the day!

If you have chosen to have a small and intimate wedding, here are some things to consider: 

The Venue

  • Consider space – choose a venue which is suitable for smaller weddings. The last thing you want is for you and your guests to feel lost in a large exclusive venue! When searching for the perfect venue for your small and intimate wedding you need to consider your guest numbers and what is going to work best based on these numbers. 
  • Villa weddings – If you would like you and your guests to all stay together for the wedding holiday, villa weddings are perfect for this! Having a villa wedding means that your holiday and wedding and reception can all take place in one location. Villa weddings allow you to create your dream wedding vision from scratch and are particularly popular for smaller weddings.

Table Plan

Horse shoe tables and long group tables work great if you only have a small number of guests attending. Being all on one table creates a more intimate setting and allows everyone to mingle between one another rather than from across the room! 


The entertainment you choose to incorporate into your wedding is usually based on your guests numbers and what type of atmosphere you want to create. Larger wedding parties usually involve a party with a DJ, but for smaller weddings you may prefer something like an elegant dinner with live music. Here are some entertainment options that are perfect for smaller weddings:

  • Background music/sound system – if you feel that hiring a DJ isn’t worth it for your small guest list, perhaps opt for background music or a sound system to play your own music from instead. This will save you money and is a very popular choice for smaller weddings.
  • Live music – if you’d like to have some form of professional entertainment at your wedding, then consider having some live music during/following dinner. Whether it be a saxophonist, piano or guitarist – live music adds a lovely touch to an elegant dinner! 
  • Greek dancers/band – if you’re tying the knot in Greece, then it’s only right that you add some Greek tradition to your wedding! Greek Bands can play during dinner and following dinner Greek Dancers can be brought in to get guests up on their feet! This is perfect if you want to add a little bit of fun and great entertainment to your wedding.

Pre and Post Wedding Celebrations

Opting for a smaller wedding means that you will be saving money. So if budget allows, consider arranging pre and post wedding celebrations for your small guest list so that you can spread your wedding out over a few days. Pre and post wedding celebrations are also a great way to thank your guests for being a part of your special day!  

Did you have a small and intimate wedding abroad? We’d love for you to share some tips on how you made this work! Leave your comments in the box below! 


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