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One of the most difficult things when planning a wedding comes down to the seating plan. Where does everybody sit? If you’ve got separated parents who would prefer not to be sat at the top table together then this can add to the stress, after all you want everybody to feel included in your big day especially your parents. This morning we’re looking at ways to minimise the stress and to keep everybody happy (well you can’t please everyone but you can certainly try!).

So first things first, we’re looking at an easy way to arrange your table plan…

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This brilliant table plan idea was designed by Gemma Bell one of our Santorini Brides, a great way to arrange your table plan without having to write it out 100 times!


Traditional top table

A traditional top table includes the bride and groom, the bride and grooms parents, the best man and chief bridesmaid, however just like many other wedding traditions this doesn’t need to be followed and if you’d prefer to go for something a little bit different then that’s fine.


Bridal Party Table

This one works best if either of you have separated and since married parents. Why not have a top table with your bridesmaids and grooms men and let each set of parents host their own table? This could be the perfect solution and will save your parents from lots of awkward dinner encounters!


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Photography – Anna Roussos

Sweetheart table

Becoming more and more popular is the sweetheart table, a table for just the bride and groom. This will allow you some alone time as newly weds to reflect on the day, which many couples regret to say that they didn’t get the chance to do on their wedding day. Another idea to go alongside this is to leave a couple of free chairs at each table, this way you get the chance to move around and mingle with each guest that has made the effort to be there on your special day.


Kids table

Keeping the kids entertained throughout the duration of dinner and speeches can be a challenge, which is why a kids table is the perfect solution. Seat all of the children in your wedding party at one table and supply it with colouring books, games and sweets. We’ve all been a child at one point and having to sit in silence while the adult stuff is going on is boring, this will be sure to keep them entertained for a little while at least and  hey if your budget allows you could even hire a children’s entertainer or babysitter!

Do you have any other table plan ideas to share? Leave your comments in the box below!


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