Real Zante Wedding – Sarah and Wayne 2014

This colourful Cameo Island wedding will certainly brighten up your Monday!

On the 26th of June, Sarah and Wayne jetted off to Zante with 25 of their nearest and dearest to say their I do’s on the gorgeous Cameo Island followed by a reception dinner at Terrazzo Beach. Today our pages are being graced by the lovely bride herself to talk all about the planning, the gorgeous outfits and why a wedding abroad stands out from a wedding here in the UK. Not only that but we have a selection of stunning sneak peek photos to kick start your week!! Enjoy x

Why did you choose to get married in Zante, Cameo Island and Terrazzo Beach in particular?

We chose to get married on Cameo Island because we wanted to be as near to the sea as possible and the island seemed to hold such charm from pictures and videos that we had seen. Also the private hire of the area seemed very novel and special.

For our reception we really liked the look of Terrazzo Beach and again it was nice to be right on the beach front. To find that the Terrazzo Beach Venue had actually been refurbished since our booking was just an extra bonus.

How long in advance did you book your wedding?

We booked our wedding just short of a year in advance.

How many guests did you invite to your wedding and how many accepted and attended?

We initially invited 50 guests and half of that number accepted and attended. We understood as it is a long way to travel and we were actually pleased to have as many of our closest family and friends there as we did. Since the wedding many of the guests have told us it was the best wedding they had ever been to and they keep expressing how pleased they are that they had made the effort to go all that way.

Married-in-zante-wedding-abroad-sarah-wayne-cameo-island-terrazzo-beach (5)

Married-in-zante-wedding-abroad-sarah-wayne-cameo-island-terrazzo-beach (16)

We love your dress, tell us how long it took you to find it and who is it by??!

My dress was an Alfred Angelo gown that was quite traditional and not a typical beach wedding dress at all. Originally I had planned on a simple gown and didn’t think I was that interested either way, but as I started trying different dresses on I got quite into it. It was quite stressful towards the end trying to make a decision as time was against me and in the end it came down to me flipping a coin. Up until the last month I was certain I had chose the wrong dress and actually tried to change it but that would have meant me buying a second one. In the end all the fuss tuned out to be for no reason because at the final fitting I fell in love with my dress and on the day so did everyone else. Everyone has told me that it couldn’t be more perfect and just from looking at the pictures others have agreed too.

Can you tell us about your shoes and accessories, where were they from?

I chose to keep my accessories simple and got all my jewellery from Debenhams. They were simple with a touch of sparkle to match my dress. The shoes again I didn’t worry too much about as I knew they were going to be mostly hidden by the dress. I got them on eBay.

Tell us a bit about the grooms outfit? Did he purchase a suit or did he go down the casual route?

Wayne purchased a suit. It was probably what you’d call a more casual suit as it was made from linen. He was originally worried about what to wear because he wanted to look smart yet not be too hot but his mum eventually found him the perfect linen suit in Zara.

Married-in-zante-wedding-abroad-sarah-wayne-cameo-island-terrazzo-beach (15)

Married-in-zante-wedding-abroad-sarah-wayne-cameo-island-terrazzo-beach (11)

What about the bridesmaid dresses? What were they like and where did you find them?

The bridesmaid dresses were a lovely yellow colour. We had always planned on having yellow as we thought this would be a nice bright, summery colour that contrasted against the sea. They were bought from a local dress shop.

Tell us a bit about your bouquet…

We chose to have hot pink and yellow flowers in my bouquet. Again we wanted summery contrasting colours. We loved the idea of the blue sea with yellow and pink for an attractive combination.

What was your wedding theme? And why did you choose this?

We didn’t have a wedding theme as such. We just wanted to keep everything relaxed, summery and colourful. A day that everyone could enjoy.

Married-in-zante-wedding-abroad-sarah-wayne-cameo-island-terrazzo-beach (9)

Married-in-zante-wedding-abroad-sarah-wayne-cameo-island-terrazzo-beach (20)

Tell us about the small details, the cake, the menu the favours and decor? How did you choose these and were you happy with your choices?

Our  wedding cake was a 2 tier yellow and pink cake which looked quite simple yet was absolutely gorgeous. In regards to the rest of the food, we stayed away from the BBQ idea as we thought we would be eating this type of food a lot during the rest of the holiday. We chose to have the meze meal and were unsure what to expect, but we needn’t have been, it was delicious! Everyone loved it and said it was their favourite meal of the holiday.

The favours and table decorations were beautiful. We hadn’t expected it too look as it did it literally took our breath away when we arrived. The favours were great too as most guests loved the fact that they could keep them as a souvenir.

For the entertainment we had a DJ who was brilliant. Really friendly and helpful. All the bar staff and waiters were also great and very attentive.

How did you find the planning experience from booking to the big day?

Easy! Which suited us down to the ground with our busy lifestyles. We are both rather laid back and were happy to leave it in the hands of the professionals although we hadn’t expected everything to be as perfect as it was. Such a pleasant surprise.

What’s your best memories from the day?

Sarah- walking down the aisle and standing in front of family and friends facing them and seeing there faces as we were married. Also I loved the horse and carriage. It was overwhelming to have so many complete strangers genuinely congratulating us with such happiness and excitement.

Wayne- I couldn’t possibly choose one. I felt at ease and like I could enjoy the day, even having our photographs taken was made into a relaxing and fun experience which I hadn’t expected. I loved the horse and carriage too, riding through the town and also arriving at the venue to be greeted by all our guests.

Married-in-zante-wedding-abroad-sarah-wayne-cameo-island-terrazzo-beach (7)

Married-in-zante-wedding-abroad-sarah-wayne-cameo-island-terrazzo-beach (17)

How much did you spend overall on your big day? Was it on budget or over budget?

Thinking about it now it must have been a little over £10,000, when really we had expected to spend about £7,000. We didn’t mind though as it was all so perfect and worth it.

What do you think makes a wedding abroad stand out from a wedding in the UK?

In our opinion this list could be endless… The beautiful settings,  the stress free nature of it all, the cost, the special feeling of being in a different country with different surroundings, the breathtaking photographs which you get for lasting memories, the family holiday itself and to have your guests on holiday with you and to spend more than just one day together makes mingling so much more relaxed and enjoyable. On top of all that we now have a place that will always hold special for us to revisit in the future.

Married-in-zante-wedding-abroad-sarah-wayne-cameo-island-terrazzo-beach (14)

We love the bright and bold colours which were incorporated into Sarah and Wayne’s special day, what colours will you be featuring in your day?

Leave us a comment in the box below and let us know, and don’t forget to share this gorgeous wedding!!


Ceremony venue – Cameo Island | Reception venue – Terrazzo Beach | Wedding Planner – The Bridal Consultant | Photographer – Story Studios | Brides dress – Alfred Angelo | Grooms suit – Zara |



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