Real Zante Wedding – Sara and Trevor 2014

Seven years on from their first meeting in Zante, Sara and Trevor jetted back off to the beautiful island to exchange their vows around their closest friends and family. Today I’m catching up with the lovely bride to talk all about the planning, outfits, themes and the special day itself, enjoy x

Why did you choose to get married in Zante, Cameo Island and Terrazzo Beach in particular?

We chose to get married in Zante as this is the island where we met, we both worked out there in the summer of 2007. Neither of us expected to find love whilst doing a season in Laganas but once we got back to England we decided to give it a go and during our 7 year relationship we have revisited Zante a few times. Cameo Island was always my favourite place to sunbathe and relax so when we found out you could hire it out privately for a wedding we decided it was the only place we were ever going to get married! What a beautiful wedding venue it is!

How long in advance did you book your wedding?

We booked our wedding about a year before the big day and saved for around 18 months.

How many guests did you invite to your wedding and how many accepted and attended?

We wanted to keep our guest numbers at around 30 but ended up with 40 adults plus children. We had assumed that if we over invited, some people wouldn’t be able to come as it was in Greece, but how wrong we were! We feel very lucky to have family and friends that couldn’t have been more excited and used our wedding as an excuse for a summer holiday. Unfortunately on the day my step sister and her husband couldn’t make the wedding due to their baby being ill, but thankfully he was ok and they still had an amazing holiday celebrating with us.

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We love your princess dress, how long did it take you to find and who is it by?!

My dress was the ‘Laura’ gown by Diane Harbridge. I actually found my dress very quickly and only went in to one shop! When we decided to get married in Greece I decided I would wear a destination style dress so I would be comfortable. I tried on a beautiful Maggie Sottero destination dress but I just didn’t feel like the princess bride I dreamed of being. The lady then brought in the Laura dress. It was the third dress I tried on. When she hung it up in my changing room I completely fell in love and more so when I tried it on, my stomach flipped with excitement and I knew it was the one. Then my Nan, mother in law to be and maid of honour walked in and all cried smiling. It was definitely the dress for me and every time I went for a fitting I got excited to step back into it!

Can you tell us about your shoes and accessories, where were they from?

I knew I was going to have to wear heels regardless of how impractical it was as Trevor is 6’3! I’m a lover of pink so also knew my shoes would definitely be pink!! I browsed all the designer and high street shoes but nothing cut it. I then accidentally came across my beautiful wedding shoes on eBay! They cost me £15 and were so comfortable. I danced the night away in them no problem! All of my jewellery were gifts from loved ones, my nan, dad and mother in law. Trevor even surprised me with a pink sapphire and diamond heart necklace on the morning of our wedding to match my wedding ring.

Tell us a bit about the grooms outfit, why did he choose a more casual look rather than formal?

We chose a casual look for the groom and grooms men as we wanted them all to be comfortable in the heat. Trevor has 6 best mates that we wanted to dress the same so that they stood out as being part of the wedding party. So one Sunday, boys and dads in tow we went to Lakeside shopping centre and dressed them.  Trevor ended up with a light grey waistcoat, trousers, open neck white shirt and white plimsole shoes. The boys had the same minus the waistcoat. We bought all the suits from Next as they did the same suits in all different styles, this made it very easy to dress the different body shapes and ages of the boys and dads! They all looked very smart but still remained comfortable.

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Married-in-zante-wedding-abroad-cameo-island-terrazzo-beach-sara-trevor (17)


What about the bridesmaid dresses.. Where were they from and what made you choose the colour grey?

Our wedding colour scheme was hot pink and grey so I knew I wanted to dress my bridesmaids in either of these colours. However, my three bridesmaids are all very different and were expecting and dreading to be dressed in pink so I chose a light grey chiffon to match the boys. My two adult bridesmaid dresses were knee length and the maid of honour wore a floor length dress in the same colour and style. I didn’t want to spend a fortune so I purchased the dresses on eBay at £40 each and got them altered to fit the girls perfectly, they looked so stunning and their hot pink bouquets really complimented the dress. My little flower girl also looked beautiful in her hot pink dress from monsoon and loved her sparkly silver wand.

Did you theme your wedding? If so why did you choose this theme?

Yes, we chose a beach wedding theme with lots of different pink and silver colours. We thought this theme matched perfectly with our beach side venue. We had sea shell table name holders which were luggage tags to tie in the holiday style beach theme.

Tell us about the small details, the menu, the cake the favours, decor and entertainment… How did you choose these and were you happy with your choices?

The food was amazing! For the meal we had a BBQ buffet which went down a real treat, some guests even went up for seconds! Our cake was three tiers of chocolate and sponge covered in pretty pink frosting, it tasted beautiful and looked great with out personalized cake topper on it.

Our favours were made up of two parts. We sourced personalised love heart sweets for each guest and then had separate favours for the adults and children. For the adults, we had made a donation to Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation to celebrate our wedding so each guest for a pretty charity pin on their name cards. The children got activity packs and little turtles that light up with silver and pink ribbon tied on them. These were also a cheeky cheap eBay purchase! Everybody said how original our favours were and really enjoyed them.

For the entertainment we had a DJ in the evening and fireworks. The fireworks were a personal touch for myself, as my granddad was born on bonfire night but sadly is no longer with us. It was very comforting to watch them with my husband and nan by my side knowing my granddad would have really enjoyed the day!

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Married-in-zante-wedding-abroad-cameo-island-terrazzo-beach-sara-trevor (23)


How did you find the planning experience from booking to the big day?

Planning our wedding day was surprisingly so easy. The Bridal Consultant in England and the team in Zante got everything done promptly and with ease! I enjoyed adding my own personal details to and nothing was too much for Lisa and her team.

What’s your best memory from the day?

Both myself and Trevor have discussed our amazing day with each other and our friends and family and we just can’t pick out one favourite part. The whole day was amazing from start to finish and was truly the fairy tale I had hoped it would be! I couldn’t have wished for more and our loved ones haven’t stopped talking about it! I must say for the bride myself my favourite personal moment was walking down the stairs to the island. I could just see a sea of faces and then saw Trevor at the end. I very nervous at the start but as soon as I saw him my nerves went and I completely relaxed!

How did you find the overall cost of your big day? Was it on budget or over budget?

The wedding package we chose from The Bridal Consultant was around the £8000 mark which we knew it would be from the start so this made it easy. We didn’t keep a budget on the extra bits but I made an effort to purchase at least one item each month so we didn’t have to spend loads of money in one go. Spreading the cost does however mean I don’t really know how much our total was.

What do you think makes a wedding abroad stand out from a wedding in the UK?

I think the main attraction of a wedding abroad to most people is the weather. We had beautiful weather when we were on cameo island but it started to rain as our guests got on the coach and as we were getting on the horse and carriage!! Luckily it was only a short shower and didn’t have a big impact on our day. If anything the moment before the rain came meant there were some beautiful clouds and colours in the sky which produced some very impressive photos! I think having a wedding abroad is such a rare treat that you and your guests will always remember. All of our guests said that everything was original and couldn’t be compared to a traditional UK wedding as it was just so so different and special. It was so much fun and when me and Trevor started planning our day the first thing was agreed on was that we just wanted a fun, laid back, relaxed day! We certainly got that but with extra magic through out the day!

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Ceremony venue – Cameo Island | Reception venue – Terrazzo Beach | Wedding Planner – The Bridal Consultant | Brides dress – Diane Harbridge | Grooms suit – Next | Bridesmaid dresses – eBay | Flowergirl dress – Monsoon |


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