Real Santorini Wedding – Lisa and Kieran – 2015

Could you think of a more romantic location to say your I do’s than against the beautiful backdrop of the Caldera?

Lisa and Kieran married at The Luxury Private Estate which offers the most incredible panoramic views! This morning I’m lucky enough to be catching up with the bride who is kindly sharing with us the details from her special day!

Be prepared to gasp in awe at their gorgeous photographs! Enjoy x

Why did you choose to get married in Santorini? 

Myself and Kieran are big fans of Instagram and first seen all the amazing pictures on there of Santorini. Its such a spectacular island with panoramic views of the sea and all the other smaller islands surrounding it. The white washed buildings and blue roof tops makes it instantly different to anything I have ever seen before. Its one of the most idyllic places in the world, in my opinion. Its got so many pros and no cons at all. Santorini feels very exclusive so it was an easy choice to make when deciding where we wanted to get married.

Once we received information and pictures of the venues and what we could have, it made it more clear that was the island for us. The venues we had were the santorini gem which is a privately owned venue which certainly didn’t disappoint, it was jaw dropping and is sat on one of the highest points of the islands so you can imagine the view! Decorated with pure white floors, chairs, terrace then the sea backdrop was just amazing especially once our wedding designer had been in and created the most magical feel with candles and flowers.

We held our reception at Theros Wave bar and again just wow. I cannot put into words how fairytale like it all was. The staff, the decoration of the tables, the extras we had, the sea, the list goes on! Pure magic! If I could afford it I would want to do it every year…Santorini is the place to get married.

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How long in advance did you book your wedding?

We didn’t want a long engagement so we planned the whole wedding and got married within 11 months. If it wasn’t for our wedding planner Lisa Burton then It would have taken a lot lot longer, I am just thankful that she is a talented lady who knows exactly what she is doing.

How many guests did you invite to your wedding and how many accepted and attended?

We invited 90 guests as myself and Kieran have a lot of close friends and family, so we couldn’t have whittled them down any more than what we already had. Unfortunately not everyone could attend for one reason or another, but we still had 78 come to the wedding and spend the first week with us, again extremely lucky.

You look stunning in your dress! What make is it and how long did it take you to find the perfect one?!

I bought my dress from the Cotswold Frock Shop in the Cotswolds. This was the 2nd shop I decided to look in. My parents had their honeymoon in the Cotswolds over 25 years ago and we always went there as children, so there were sentimental reasons for me going there too, I guess it was meant to be. The make of my dress was called Agnes. I originally wanted a slim fitting dress but thought I would try a bigger one. As soon as I put it on I just fell in love with it. It was so simple, it had lots of tulle fabric, a sweetheart neckline, a corset back and some simple gems in the middle. I also wore a full length veil with tiny gems on it which sparkled in the sun, it was just stunning and finished off the look. In total I think I tried on about 20 dresses, I loved the experience and loved the dress I chose.

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What about your shoes and accessories, where were these from?

My shoes were quite typical wedding shoes, as I was getting married abroad and knew my feet would swell with the heat I didn’t go for anything expensive as I knew they would only be on my feet a couple of hours max, in fact they still look brand new. They were from John Lewis and were from the rainbow collection. They were ivory the same colour as my dress with a lace detail and satin edging. Kieran bought me a diamond necklace and gave it to my mum to give to me on the morning of the wedding which was very unexpected, it matched my engagement ring and my earrings. I also wore a tiara made of crystals in my hair, it wasn’t very big, it was very subtle, I wanted one to hide where my veil sat.

We’re loving Kieran’s attire! What made him choose this look?

Kieran wore a shirt, trousers, waistcoat and cravat. His two best men, 4 ushers and the 2 fathers all wore the same as Kieran, apart from Kieran had a silver cravat and the others had the same colour as my bridesmaids which was frusha pink. We bought all the suits as there was not much difference in the price. The suits were a grey/blue colour which went well with their tan shoes and belts. They all looked so smart and because they were light weight suits they found them airy and not hot at all.
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Your bridesmaids look gorgeous in their dresses! And how adorable do your flower girls look in their ballerina style dresses!? Where were these purchased?

For the adult bridesmaids I wanted them to wear something flowy and have the same neckline as mine, which I was lucky enough to find in a shop in chylesmore Coventry called The Bridal Gallery. I changed my mind on the colour once though. I first thought about having blue as I knew that would look nice with the Santorini roof tops but I felt they wouldn’t pop enough. As the dresses had a similar tulle fabric like mine I opted for frusha pink as the colour was softer on the eye opposed to a satin material, which I felt would have been too harsh and not have gone with the theme.

For their hair I wanted something that caught the sun and sparkled in the sunlight. I found some hair pins with gems on that were very similar looking to my engagement ring, they each had three of these gems in their hair. On the day I gave them all a gift which was a necklace each that just sat perfectly in the space on their chest, again they were very similar to my engagement ring. Their shoes were from New Look and were a simple gold sparkly sandal.

The flower girls dresses were amazing, they again were from the Bridal Gallery in Coventry. Their dresses were ballerina style with so much tulle fabric that the dresses stuck out, they also had a ring around them as I didn’t want them to feel agitated with all the material around their legs. The dresses were ivory like mine as I wanted them to be a mini version of me. Their shoes were from Monsoon and  ivory with lace sides. I bought each of them a diamanté bow headpiece too which looked stunning in the sunshine.

Again we bought the flower girls a necklace each which were from These were baby pink pearls with a silver heart tag on with their initials on, they were beautiful. My daughter was one of my flower girls and I had a frusha pink bow put on the back of her dress which made her that bit more special.

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Tell us about your bouquet, what flowers did you choose and why?

We had a lady from a company called Wedding Wish to design our day including flowers, decorations, candles, seating plans, welcome tables and so much more. She is one amazing lady she visualised exactly what we wanted and more, her talent is over whelming. She sent us a questionnaire 7 months before we got married to establish what feel we wanted from our wedding, colours, style etc. She basically pulls it all together and makes it look and feel like you’re in a real life fairytale.

The flowers we had were White roses, blush pink roses, light pink astilbe, white peony, white hydrangea, light pink matthiola, light pink peony Sarah Bernhardt, hot pink peony, white eustoma, blush pink carnations, blush pink david Austin rose, white freesia, light pink hydrangea, hot pink rose, hot pink ranunculus and finally light pink lathyrus. I chose these flowers as they are all beautiful and when put together they had the dreamy, romantic feel that we were after.

Did you have a wedding theme? If so why did you choose this particular theme?

The wedding theme in 5 words was Fairytale, Romantic, relaxed, elegant and fun. We were able to capture each one of these themes which was extraordinary and when put together was simply magical. I will be forever grateful to Wedding Wish for being able to create what I would call the perfect wedding theme. I choose this look as although we were getting married abroad I still wanted that English fairytale wedding to be included. It was very shabby sheek which I think is very comfortable and easy on the eye. Our guests were flabbergasted at the whole feel and look of both venues and the wedding party. We have even had compliments from our wedding photographer and videographers as well as people talking about our wedding in hairdressers and pubs who we don’t even know, so its a massive compliment.
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What about the smaller details of the day? The cake? Your menu choice? Your favours and tables? Did you have any entertainment?

Before we got married on the terrace we provided a sign saying don’t be blinded by our love please take some shades, next to the sign were a pair of glasses for everyone which had all been personalised with our names and the date of our wedding day on them. They came in handy as the sun was so bright but also looked brilliant on the pictures.

After we were married as we knew people were going to be on the terrace for a couple of hours we wanted to provide them all with a drink and we had a saxophonist playing some of our favourite songs. He sounded absolutely brilliant playing songs like bob Marley one love and Frank Sinatra, that just set the most happiest mood and people couldn’t believe what they were hearing whilst mingling with a nice drink looking at the most incredible view.

When we arrived at Theros Wave Bar we had a welcome table which had a box of wooden love hearts for people to write their well wishes on which was lovely to be able to come home and read, we are going to frame them. For the speeches we had a groom sweepstake, everyone had to write down on the board we got from how long they thought Kieran’s speech would last, the winner took all which in this case was 100 euro. This added some fun into it and we wanted to take Kieran’s mind off doing his actual speech.

We also had Kieran and Lisa eye spy cards on the table with disposable cameras, these came from Etsy online. On the cards it gave you a list of pictures to try and capture throughout the night which lots of people found fun and a challenge, even a competition between one another. We also had the beach lit up in candles in the evening.

Our wedding cake was 3 tiers and had fresh pink flowers on it, it tasted beautiful. Our menu was buffet on your table style. We had a very traditional menu which consisted of feta cheese salads, olives, mini spicy burgers, chicken kebabs and herb potato’s, it all tasted wonderful and was  presented beautifully. We had our tables decorated in the same flowers as my bouquet with added pearls and candles,  it was just stunning.

We also had a very good DJ make us a playlist before we got to Santorini as myself and Kieran like a very diverse mix of music from dancehall to classical. We put a twist on our first dance too which was from dirty dancing time of my life and then it was mixed into the beanie man version, this shocked everyone and got everyone on the dance floor. Of all the weddings I have been to I have never seen a dance floor so full from start to finish.

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How did you find the planning experience from booking to the big day?

The planning experience was a great one, it allows you to get excited from day one of planning. A lot of the stress was taken out of the actual planning of the day as we had two extremely talented wedding planners. We had Lisa Burton in this country who is so on the ball, she makes you feel like you’re the only bride she is planning for although you’re not she is just that good. Then we had the planners in Santorini who were just as good, we met them the day before the wedding and they took us to see the venues and explained and confirmed everything. It just ran like clockwork.

Myself and Kieran had to make the decisions like colours, flowers, theme and venue etc which was all very exciting. Lisa and the planners in Santorini arranged all the schedules, timings, when things would happen etc. We had two videographers and two photographers, who again were absolutely fabulous! You didn’t really know they were there and they captured the most special moments that enables you a lifetime of memories.

Our photographer Ben Wyatt and his wife are truly amazing at what they do and we will be forever grateful to them, they were supposed to be there for 3 hours but they enjoyed themselves that much they were there the entire day and night. I knew our wedding day would be beautiful, but it was even better than what I had imagined.

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Do you have a favourite memory from the day?

I could never pick out just one memory as the whole day was the most amazing memory from start to finish. My mum steaming the dresses for two days solid to get all the creases out with steam dripping down the walls, getting ready was a brilliant memory, our hair dressers Sava International were just full of banter and gave us the exact hairstyles we wanted.

The videographers arriving whilst I was doing my mums makeup was so surreal, seeing my beautiful daughter full of excitement, my maid of honour which was my sister concentrating doing her make up how we had practised, all my other bridesmaids running around doing everything and anything they could to make the day run smooth, seeing our two Page boys in there amazing outfits, my dad seeing me for the first time with a smile so big I think he could have popped.

Walking down the aisle to Kieran with his eyes brimming with tears and my little girl spreading petals in front of me, seeing all of our amazing friends and family with their glasses on just smiling and wiping tears, getting photographed like some sort of celebrity, seeing how wonderful the men looked in their suits, giving my dad a kiss before he handed me to Kieran, saying my vows and I do to Kieran, becoming his wife makes me so proud.

The view, the terrace, the pictures, meeting wonderful people, arriving at Theros and everyone throwing confetti at us, seeing everyone laughing and smiling, how the welcome table and the main tables and the top table were decorated, the first dance, cutting the cake and being told its tradition to put some on Kieran’s nose. Honestly it was just spectacular!

real-santorini-wedding-lisa-and-kieran-2015 (22)

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How much did you spend overall on your big day? Was it on budget or over budget?

We originally budgeted £30,000 for the whole wedding but it does creep up on you as there is so much you can have, you run away with it. There was so much more we could have had but we had to slow down as you can end up spending what you don’t have. In the end we spent just over £40,000, yes its a lot but you can’t put a price on what we had I don’t think.

What do you think makes a wedding abroad stand out from a wedding in the UK?

Hmmm everything!! Myself and Kieran were a little apprehensive at the time of deciding to get married abroad as we knew we probably wasn’t going to be able to have everyone there that we wanted. My nan and grandad couldn’t come as they are too old to fly and spend a week out of their comfort zone so decisions like this were tough, but face time is a wonderful thing! Although they weren’t there in person they seen me get married at the same time as everyone else. A few other people couldn’t make it for numerous reasons so that made us sad but we also understood. The weather was amazing, people are excited because not only are they going to a wedding but they’re going on holiday so everyone’s mood was just on a high the whole time we were there. I would tell anyone I met to get married abroad if they were thinking about it as you just cant beat it, especially Santorini!

Does anybody else feel like they attended this gorgeous wedding after reading what the bride had to say about her special day? We sure do!

We particularly love the efforts that Lisa and Kieran went too to make sure that their guests were looked after and entertained throughout the day! How will you be entertaining your guests?


Venue – Luxury Private Estate | Wedding Planner – The Bridal Consultant |  | Brides dress –  Cotswold Frock Shop – Agnes | Brides shoes – John Lewis – Rainbow Collection |  Bridesmaid dresses – The Bridal Gallery | Flower girl dresses – The Bridal Gallery | Theme designed by – Wedding Wish | Photography – Ben Wyatt


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  1. The most wonderful wedding day I have ever attended. It wasn’t just about Lisa & Kieran, it was about every single person who had the pleasure of being there, they made it a fairytale spectacular wedding & holiday for each & every one of us.
    x x x x

  2. As father of the bride I was the proudest man on earth. Lisa was beautiful and amazing; Kieran was handsome and genuinely emotional. Together they were the perfect couple. The entire day ran so smooth I had to pinch myself. Coupled with the magnificent views, the extraordinary organization skills of the wedding planner and the family and friends who mixed, gelled and partied non-stop made for a memorable day. It was the quintessential fairytale wedding.

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