Real Croatia Wedding – Emma and Chris 2018

Grab yourself a coffee, put your feet up and get ready to indulge in a beautiful real wedding in Cavtat, Croatia…..

Emma and Chris chose this beautiful destination as the location for their wedding and on the 15th of September said ‘I do’ surrounded by their nearest and dearest. 

Why did you choose to get married in Croatia, Luxury Harbour Side in particular?

It looked so tranquil and peaceful – I love nature and the sea, and this just looked perfect.  I never wanted to walk on sand, or be on a beach in my dress – I am too OCD about getting sand everywhere!! However this place had the best of both worlds as it was right on the sea/bay, but it was on a beautiful harbour front.

How long in advance did you book your wedding?

Over a year and a half.

How many guests did you invite to your wedding and how many accepted and attended?

We invited about 100 – 85 people turned up on the day.

You look lovely in your dress! Who was the designer and how did you know this dress was the one?

My dress was a Justin Alexander.  I actually went to a shop called London Bride in Elephant and Castle, it was the first shop I went into and this was about the 6th dress I tried on.  I wasn’t expecting to find it that day at all – but it fitted me like a glove and they told me I could have the display model for half price, so it was a win win situation!!  I found with other dresses I was pulling them down or up at the straps – with this one I didn’t touch it, it just moulded into me.

What about your shoes and accessories, where were they from?

My shoes and matching bag were from Russell & Bromley.  My back necklace was from Liberty in Love.  As my dress was backless I wanted to show it off.  My mother in law bought me pearl earrings and I used a pearl bracelet that I had received as a bridesmaid another time for my jewellery.

The grooms attire…did Chris purchase or hire a suit and where was this from? 

We asked a hire company how much it would be to hire suits for an abroad wedding and the guy was quite honest – he said that they charge for a couple of days at a time, so financially, it would be so much more expensive to hire outfits than to just buy them.  We decided to buy Chris a three piece suit from HUGO BOSS.  It cost a lot but he will wear it again and again and it was tailor made.

Your bridesmaids also look stunning in their gowns! Where were these purchased?

The colour was quite an odd one – it was called Oyster Mink.  I found these dresses from Little Mistress, and if you order them online for the first time, you get a 20% discount too.  They do some lovely dresses and they worked out just over £50 each which was great.

Your bouquet, what flowers did you choose and why?

I had sunflowers, because they reminded me of my nan – she grew them in her garden and I just love them.  They are happy flowers.

What was your wedding theme? 

I wanted simple and elegant – nothing too much.  I had lanterns, a lot of fairy lights and sunflowers in vases.  It went very well.

What about the smaller details of the day? What was your wedding cake like? Your menu choice? Your favours and tables and did you have any entertainment?

Wedding cake wise, Chris’ favourite cakes are Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake and Chocolate Fudge Cake, so I went with all three!

We had a hot and cold buffet BBQ and it worked really well – people went up and helped themselves.  We had lasagne, salads, swordfish, calamari, and loads of meat dishes, people were really impressed with the food.

For women I bought sunflower seeds in packets personally made.  For the men, we bought a load of cigars and gave them out in the evening.  I also ordered in flip flops for all of the women to change into during the night.

For the table names, I made polaroid pictures of everyone – we made it really personal, so for example, for people that had lost a parent, we made sure we had photos of them with their parent.  Everyone was so touched by this.

I did a separate dinner playlist and everyone really liked the music – it was good to put a personal touch to it.

We again had the DJ for the evening and then I paid for a saxophonist to join him for two hours.  People loved dancing to this!

How did you find the planning experience from booking to the big day?

Sasha was my first port of call.  She was absolutely amazing. I work as a PA and have done for nearly 20 years, so I am anal over organisation and getting things precise.  She was exactly this.  She always got back to me when she said she would, I never had to chase her, she gave me her personal opinion on things and she made my life SO EASY.  I had a lot of organising to do for personal touches, but when it came to the organisation of the actual wedding, she made everything perfect.  We went out to Croatia twice beforehand as well and I met with the Croatian based wedding planner and she was equally as amazing.  Completely on the ball, I absolutely trusted her and she had such a lovely way about her – I liked her instantly.

What’s your best memory from the day?

The boat trip – it was SPECTACULAR – we even managed to get a rainbow during it, and everyone raved about how special it was.

What do you think makes a wedding abroad stand out from a wedding in the UK?

The fact that you are in the sunshine, that you get so much more time with everyone attending, that everyone is so much more chilled out because they are in holiday mode and that you can have an extended party for days after!!

What advice would you give to future brides and grooms who are getting married abroad?

Firstly, go with what YOU want, and try not to listen to other peoples’ opinions.  We opted for no children attending and this offended some people, but at the end of the day, this is what we wanted and we are glad we stuck to our guns.  Try hard to not get swept up in the non-important stuff.  If you can go and visit the place beforehand, do, I cannot tell you how much it calmed me being able to picture every little detail in my head – it really stopped the anxiety of not knowing what I would turn up to.  If you want a big wedding, go for somewhere that is only a couple of hours away – people don’t mind travelling that length – as soon as it is 3 hours plus, it puts people off.

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Wedding Venue – Luxury Harbour Side | Wedding Planner – The Bridal Consultant | Brides Dress – Justin Alexander | Brides Shoes and Bag – Russell & Bromley | Brides backdrop Necklace – Liberty in Love | Grooms Suit – Hugo Boss | Bridesmaids Dresses – Little Mistress 

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