Love Inspired Cupcakes to Delight Your Partner

Today we’re looking at ways in which to delight your partner this Valentine’s day and what better way than to bake for them!? Get in touch with your creative side this week and practise your cupcake making skills!

Below are some of our favourite love inspired cupcakes along with recipes and instructions on how to make them….


love-inspired-cupcakes-to-delight-your-partner (2)

What’s more romantic than red roses!? This cupcake is topped with a rose made from candy clay so it doesn’t only look great but tastes delicious too!

How to make

love-inspired-cupcakes-to-delight-your-partner (3)

Delight your other half by baking a pink heart-filled cupcake with strawberry taffy frosting! By taking one bite they’ll know just how much love went into it!

How to make

love-inspired-cupcakes-to-delight-your-partner (4)

This cupcake is filled with delicious marshmallow fluff and topped with  pink frosting, a few sprinkles and a little heart brownie! Super cute!

How to make

love-inspired-cupcakes-to-delight-your-partner (1)

These adorable red velvet cupcakes will be sure to put a smile on your loved ones face. Add a little heart-shaped cookie for extra cuteness!

How to make

Do you have any other romantic cupcake recipes to add to the list?


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