How to Decide on an Overall Look for your wedding day

How to Decide on an Overall Bridal Look for Your Wedding Day

You may have the perfect image of how you want to look on your wedding day, but if you’re new to the wedding world and have just started to look for ideas and inspiration for your bridal look, then it’s easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the number of styles out there! Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

So, where do you begin? On today’s blog I’m going to share my tips on what to consider when deciding on an overall bridal look for your big day.

Bridal Look

This is the dress that you are going to wear on the most important day of your life and the dress that is going to be featured in those wedding photographs for years to come! This being said, be sure to consider the following points so that you don’t regret your decision down the line:

Think about your personal style

If you’re all about that relaxed boho chic look then choose a dress that is going to reflect this. If you prefer to wear short dresses rather than long, why should your wedding dress be any different?

Consider personal comfort

Choose something that is going to make you look and FEEL beautiful. It’s important that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

Don’t feel that you have to follow trend

Just because a dress is ‘in style’ right now doesn’t mean it has to be your wedding dress. Trends come and go and your wedding should be unique to you.

Consider the venue

Ensure that the dress you are choosing is suitable for your venue (a dress with a long train may not be the best choice if you are saying your I do’s seafront on a sandy beach or rocky surface).


How to Decide on an Overall Look for your wedding day

Whether you decide to accessorize with a veil, hair piece or jewellery – my advice is to not decide on any accessories until you can try these on with your dress. It may be that you completely change your mind when you try them on together. A few tips:

  • Bird cage veils create a stunning vintage look!
  • Diamonte hair clips look great with almost every style of dress!
  • Flowers/floral crowns are a lovely accessory if you’re going for a romantic, soft bridal look


Bridal Look

You will more than likely purchase your dress before your shoes (unless you have an obsession for shoes and will be choosing your dress to match!)

Think about the following points when deciding on your wedding shoes:

Match your Dress

Your dress will dictate the style, colour, embellishment and heel height of your wedding shoes so make sure that you consider which style will look best with your dress before making a purchase.

Consider Personal Comfort

My advice is to choose a style that you are going to be most comfortable in. Whether this be a maximum heel height of 3/4 inches, wedges, or a comfy pair of flats!

Tip: remember to wear them in before the day!

Take a Backup

If you have a pair of heels in mind for the ceremony but couldn’t bear to wear them for longer than a couple of hours, take a backup pair to wear for the duration of the evening

Colour Pop

If you’d like to introduce some colour to your look, do so in your wedding shoes!

Consider the venue

Heels and sand are a big no! If you’re marrying on the beach, perhaps look at wearing barefoot sandals.


Bridal Look

Think about this early on in the process so you don’t make any unnecessary purchases – your sister or friend may have the perfect diamond jewellery set to wear as your something borrowed and your mum is guaranteed to have a something blue or something old from her own wedding day!


Remember to consider your groom when deciding on an overall bridal look. He may have a completely different style in mind than you so have the conversation early on in the planning stage to ensure that you are both on the same page as to whether it is going to be relaxed event or formal affair.

Do you have any tips for our brides to be when deciding on an overall bridal look? We’d love to add them to the list! 



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