Diary of a Destination Bride – The Beginning


 Now we’ve been introduced to our lovely couple we’ll get down to business! First some introductory questions about the thought beind their decision to get married abroad!

Why did you choose to get married abroad instead of a wedding in the UK?  

Andrew and I have always discussed getting married abroad, always heading more to the idea of a beach wedding with just a couple of people. Both of us didn’t want a big fuss and we are easy going so it seemed right. Plus weather….. we didn’t want the added pressure of waking up and praying for sunshine!

Why did you choose Santorini and the Rocabella hotel in particular?



We had always thought that some exotic beach somewhere would be amazing but when it actually came down to it, it just was not practical for us. After flicking through my various wedding magazines I came across a wedding at Rocabella. We instantly fell in love with the venue. We loved the white setting and the marvellous back drop… Perfect. It fitted our criteria, with looking at our exotic beach venue there was a lot of problems that we faced, Price: Our families are quite big with children, heading across the world (to Cuba their first choice) is not cheap for a family of 5. Flight time: 12 hours with 3 children.. say no more. Santorini is perfect for families, close enough for a long weekend trip and most of all more stunning to me than any of the beach setting we had seen.

What was your family’s reaction when you told them of your plans, were they happy for you and very excited or a bit cautious and reserved?

Our families had mixed opinions. All were excited but a little apprehensive when we were looking elsewhere (Cuba) due to the cost etc, but once we decided on Rocabella all were very happy.

How did you decide on your guests list, did you want as many people as possible to attend or have you kept it to close family and friends.

We have always wanted a small wedding and wanted to keep costs reasonable. Our guest list (50-60) consists of close family and friends. Of course not all will be able to make it but that would be the case if you were having a UK wedding anyway. Overall for what we’ve chosen we believe the cost is slightly less than a UK wedding would be, that of course doesn’t even take into consideration the priceless location!

New diary entry coming very soon!

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