Diary of a Destination Bride – Rachel & Jonny: The Theme


Earlier this month we introduced you to our lovely bride Rachel and her hubby to be Jonny who are tying the knot in Santorini next year at our beautiful Dana Villas venue followed by a reception at our brand new cliff top venue in Imergliovi… If you haven’t already, then you can meet them here!

Today we’re catching up with Rachel to talk all about wedding themes and the kind of look she wants to create on her special day.


Tell us a bit about your wedding theme…

This is a difficult one really as I’m trying as much as possible to avoid having a wedding theme. I do have a look/feel that I want to achieve, which is Elegant, Uber pretty and Romantic.

Although after seeing pictures of the new venue in Imergliovi and our stunning ceremony location of Dana Villas, both of which look ultra-sleek and modern, I think that we will not want or need to add too much detail wise as the surrounding scenery will be ‘the decoration’.

We have also chosen and purchased the bridesmaid dresses which are a lovely subtle colour that will go with almost any pastel accent colour. So we are fortunate enough to be able to have a slight variance of colour throughout the wedding, again avoiding a definite theme.

Diary-of-a-destination-bride-rachel-howard-santorini-themes (2)

What would you say has been your main inspiration?

Over the years I have read almost every single Celebrity Wedding Exclusive in OK Magazine. The celebs just seem to get it right don’t they! Also Pinterest and Instagram are just amazing tools for brides to be. My mum has become an avid pinner and is relentlessly sending through ideas… which I love. Also looking at The Overseas Wedding pins provides so many useful ideas, as previous wedding pictures are regularly uploaded along with suggested styles from the lovely Kara at The Bridal Consultants.

Will you be including flowers in your theme/decoration?

An abundance of flowers is always the attraction for me, however we all know how costly flowers can be.. It doesn’t help when I have the most expensive taste either! So we are thinking of ways to re-use the bouquets within the decor of the reception venue.

Diary-of-a-destination-bride-rachel-howard-santorini-themes (1)

What kind of overall feel do you want for your special day?

It is essential that the feel of the day is just right. The main reason for us marrying abroad is to achieve a relaxed, almost informal feel so that no-one feels uneasy.. such as the wedding party dreading the speeches!! And also the guests and us ‘having’ to go along with the usual formalities of a traditional wedding. It just has to be fun, intimate, enjoyable and beautiful. My Fiancé and I are fairly laid back people and we’re very easy going. I’d like to think that our whole wedding will exert that.

We feel that it is important to create a real personal feel at the wedding.  I love the little details that can achieve this, such as, individual wedding favours, photo guest book and vintage signs to signpost the guests throughout the day.  I would like the guests to be as comfortable as possible, so the ladies and gents will be receiving little gifts to help them through the warm weather and any little mishaps.

This month I’ll also be thinking of the music for the day… hopefully the music will be something that will also carry ‘the feel’ of the day.



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