Diary of a Destination Bride – Rachel & Jonny: The Preparation

Note to self… Step away from the chocolate and DO NOT indulge over the winter months!!!!

Hey guys! So since my last Diary of a Destination Bride feature life has been very busy.  I’ve not really had much chance to do a lot of wedding planning, although I always have my wedding file in my bag just so I can flick through my ideas and costing’s on my lunch and breaks.


I have managed to sort my dog minder.. this has been a big worry of ours, as everybody who would normally watch our lovely dog will be away with us.  So this has been a big relief.  I have also picked up the pace at the gym as there is only 8 months left until we jet off.  There is no bigger push to get rid of the wobble than being a bride on holiday with 30 family and friends!  Note to self… “Step away from the chocolate and DO NOT indulge over the winter months!!!!”  My Bridesmaids and Friends have started to plan my hen do, although I do not have the faintest idea as to what they have in store for me!!!! I can imagine it being the funniest few days of my life.  It feels very odd not being in control, as I am generally a little bit of a control freak.

My husband to be has been casting his eye over some suits and luckily he likes the style and colour I had in mind for him.  Jonny is fairly easy going so I’m thankful that he agrees with practically all of my suggestions.  Some male guests have asked about dress code.  We would like everybody to be cool and comfy; however, I do want guests to still be smart and glam.  So I think that I will be looking at other wedding photos to see what male guests tend to wear in the hot weather.


I also have a shopping trip planned with my Mum and Chief Bridesmaid to look for Mother of the Bride outfits, wedding shoes, which my lovely chief is kindly buying for me as my present and I would like to find mine and my bridesmaids head wear…. I’m thinking ‘Sparkly & Glam’.

Hairstyles have been on my mind lately and also make up.  I am so fortunate to have my friends coming to the wedding who is also my hairdresser.  So we plan to have lots of winter nights in with plenty of wine, practising different styles on myself and my bridesmaids.  I am torn between elegant, sleek up do’s, or, effortless, Grecian tussled hair.

I am unsure on the make-up front. I think for safe keeping I am going to have mine professionally done in Santorini… so that my face doesn’t peel off in the heat.  I will need to check this out with Lisa to seek some guidance on make up artists on the island, I understand that they can be fairly pricey!


Over the autumn months we plan to save, save, save and then hopefully hit the Sales in the new year to pick up some fabulous wedding bargains.

Until next time..

Rachel xxx

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