Diary of a Destination Bride – Meet Michelle and Dean

This week we’re meeting our Diary of a Destination couple who have chosen gorgeous Sorrento, Italy for their wedding day!

Michelle and Dean will be tying the knot in May 2019 and the bride to be will be sharing her wedding planning journey from now until then with us all! 

Over to Michelle who is sharing their love story, from how they met to why they chose a destination wedding…

Tell me a bit about yourself and your partner…

I am 26, soon to be 27 and my partner is 34. I studied Law at the University of Derby and have just qualified as a Lawyer. My partner is a carpenter and works for a local carpentry company. We live together in Northampton, following a big move from Derby. We have one cat, Harley, who we overly spoil. Dean has a son, Brayden, aged 12 years, who is going to be our best man at the wedding.

How did you meet?

I was at Derby university and  my partner lived in Derby. We were both working in the same bar the night we met, I was working for the university on a freshers night and my partner was performing on stilts and fire breathing. We had never spoken before but had mutual friends. We got speaking that night and then the next thing I know my partner picked me up whilst he was on stilts and ran down the street with me. We laughed so much that night and then promised we would go for a drink the following night…the rest is history.

And your engagement story? How did he pop the question?

We had been together for 7 years and was on our annual holiday in Mexico. My partner said that he would really like to go on a helicopter, so secretly arranged the trip for the day before New Years Eve. We walked down the beach to the Helicopter pad, talking as normal – I was none the wiser. We got on the helicopter and commenced our trip. Whilst we were on the Helicopter, my partner done a beautiful speech and then got a ring box out of his pocket. I started crying before he could even pop the question. It was the most beautiful proposal ever, I smile every time I think about it. When we got back to our hotel, all the staff and holiday reps were aware of his plan and greeted us with bottles of champers. It was a fantastic day.

What made you chose to get married abroad over a UK wedding?

We live for our holidays and have always said that we would love to get married aboard, rather than home.

How did your families react when you announced you were getting married abroad?

Most were happy but some were shocked as they thought we would be going for the traditional British church wedding. After we shown them pictures of where we were getting married, they could absolutely see why we chose to get married abroad.

You’ve chosen to get married in Sorrento, Italy, was this an easy decision or did you look at several other destinations before choosing?

We have never been to Italy, but it was always somewhere on our destination wish list that we wanted to go to due to it being so beautiful, romantic and having amazing food (Italian is our favourite food). We were sitting on the beach in Mexico and were thinking about destinations of where we could get married. We both said Italy at the same time and smiled. We never really looked anywhere else.

Is Sorrento, Italy your dream wedding destination? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to share!


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