Diary of a Destination Bride – Meet Louise & Daniel!

We’re delighted this morning to be introducing you all to our newest diary of a destination bride Louise and her hubby to be Daniel!

The lovely couple will be marrying at the gorgeous Dana Villas in Santorini next June and the bride to be will be sharing her wedding planning experience on the blog on the run up to her big day! This morning we’re finding out a bit more about Louise and Daniel and why they chose to marry in Santorini, enjoy x

So Louise, tell us about about you and your hubby to be…

Daniel Biggs and Louise Harrington from Swindon. I am 37 and Dan is 36. I work in Financial Services and I am also a part time fitness instructor. Dan works in finance. We enjoy keeping fit and dote on our cat Lola who rules the roost! Dan is originally from Surrey and I have spent most of my life in Swindon. I’m a super organised person (some would day a control freak) and Dan is very laid back. We love watching Don’t Tell the Bride and people often joke that there is no way I’d let Dan arrange our wedding.

How did you meet?

Dan and I met in December 2012 through mutual friends. Dan was living in London at the time and was visiting our mutual friend Dave who lives in Swindon for a night out, me and my girlfriends were joining them. We got on really well that evening but knowing Dan lived in London I didn’t really think we’d see each other again. The weekend after we met he came to visit me for our first date and then every weekend after that we would alternate visiting each other until he moved to live with me in Swindon 6 months later. 6 months after moving to Swindon Dan sold his house in London and we brought our own home together here in Swindon in June 2014.

What about your engagement story, how did Dan pop the question!?

We got engaged in September 2014 at the viewing tower at the Shard. We were heading to London for a trip and Dan said he had arranged a surprise while we were there. Having just come back from two weeks in Santorini and no proposal I really didn’t think it was on the cards. We visited the Shard and that’s where Dan got down on one knee and proposed. I was so embarrassed I don’t think I said yes, I just kept telling him to get up off the floor as people were looking. After I said yes Dan had planned an afternoon/evening of special treats to celebrate, wine tasting at Vinopolis and a special meal at Gaucho. He’d called ahead to each place and had made sure they knew and arranged special touches for us.

What made you choose to marry abroad rather than have a wedding in the UK?

We had always talked about getting married abroad and both felt as strongly about it as each other. We love the sun and there are so many beautiful places to choose from we just knew it was for us. We also wanted a fairly small affair with a party with all of our friends in the UK after our wedding.

Did your friends and family react well when you announced that you were marrying abroad?

They weren’t surprised and have been really supportive and are looking forward to a holiday!

Why did you choose Santorini in particular to get married? Was this an easy decision?

Having visited Santorini in July 2014 we both fell in love with the beautiful white buildings and stunning views. Dan had also been to a wedding in Santorini and his photos looked beautiful. We really didn’t look at any other locations as we had pretty much set our hearts on Santorini. We looked at a few other venues but had seen such great reviews for Dana Villas and amazing photos so we decided to choose this venue. It’s also good for smaller weddings; we didn’t want a huge venue with a few people. We wanted Dana Villas so much we’ve waited until next year to get married because all of the dates this year were booked. In June 2016 we will be jetting off with 24 of our friends for our wedding and reception at Dana Villas. Having not seen the venue in person and relying on Dan’s approval there could be a Don’t Tell the Bride diva moment if it’s not up to my standards ha ha!




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