Diary of a Destination Bride – Meet Lianne and Mark!

We’re excited to be introducing you all to our newest Diary of a Destination Bride Lianne and her hubby to be Mark who are marrying in Santorini at our Luxury Private Estate venue on the 28th of May 2017!

Tell me a bit about yourself and your partner…

Mark and I have been together for 10 years and have been living together in Kent for 4 years, I own a florist with my sister and Mark is a self employed heating engineer

How did you meet?

We have known each other most of our lives as we first met at infant school when we were 4 years old we were boyfriend and girlfriend on and off throughout school, but when we had to go to secondary school Mark went to an all boys school and I went to an all girls school so we lost touch for a few years. We became friends again when we saw each other after leaving school then eventually got together when we were 20 years old and have been together ever since.

And your engagement story? How did he pop question?

We had gone away for the weekend for our 10 year anniversary, Mark let me do the organising as he didn’t want it to be obvious he was going to propose and I chose a lovely Manor House with beautiful grounds and he got down on one knee in front of a water fountain just before having dinner and asked me to marry him, it honestly was the best day of my life!

What made you chose to get married abroad over a UK wedding?

Mark doesn’t like to be made a fuss of or being centre of attention so he didn’t want some grand affair in the UK. I had always wanted to do it in England, as I’m a florist I deal with weddings all the time and see all these beautiful venues and always imagined myself having a big white wedding, but as the years have gone on I have realised how stressful and expensive getting married in the UK is. I’m so glad we are going to get married abroad I can’t wait and so far I haven’t felt at all stressed, I also feel Mark would feel a lot more comfortable doing it the way we are.

How did your families react when you announced you were getting married abroad?

They were all very supportive and keen and all said they will do whatever we want to do plus they are all excited they get a holiday out of it too.

You’ve chosen to get married in Santorini, was this an easy decision or did you look at several other destinations before choosing?

Mark had said for ages he wanted to get married in Santorini as he had seen loads of pictures and it looked amazing, one of the main things I said I wanted was to get married on the date we got together and engaged which was 24th April, getting married at that time of year meant going further away to get nice weather so we did look into Mexico but decided against it as it was a lot to ask of people to travel all that way, so we decided to change the date and do it in Santorini in May as April was out of season. Having seen all the pictures and videos I’m so glad we decided to go with Santorini as we get married at an actual wedding venue instead of in a hotel where everyone is staying. It’s bringing choices from mine and Mark’s tastes together, we are having the wonderful white wedding and we get the gorgeous views and weather of Greece and I’m so excited!


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  1. This is so beautiful Lianne and Mark it reminds me of Raymond and Lisa they had been in love for years before they got married and still so happy 21 years later and I am sure this will be you too you look so good together and so happy
    Me and Ray wish you both a brilliant wedding day and a lifetime of happiness xxxxxx

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