Diary of a Destination Bride – Meet Kerry and Stuart

Today we’re meeting our Diary of a Destination Bride Kerry and her other half Stuart.

In May 2019 the lovely couple will be jetting off to the island of Crete to say their I do’s with the sand between their toes surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

We’ll be catching up with Kerry regularly throughout her wedding planning process and hope you enjoy reading all about what the couple have planned for their wedding day!

Over to Kerry who is introducing herself and fiance Stuart…

Tell me a bit about yourself and your partner…

My name is Kerry and I work for an International Software Company, although I originally trained as a Translator and Interpreter. I love to talk, spend time with my lovely family and friends, eat good food and cook. I am also a bit of a sport fan, following football and motorbike racing in my spare time!

Stuart works at a luxury car brand in Liverpool. He loves trying new foods and beers from all around the world – we have a collection of different and obscure beer bottles proudly on display in our kitchen! He loves driving, taking off across Europe with his best friend for one reason or another! He’s also big into F1, although my influence of Motorbikes is rubbing off on him too!

Together, we love a mix of all of the good things in life. You can usually find us exploring in new cities and countries, or spending the time on our sofa watching films and eating takeaway – it’s a good balance!

How did you meet?

Stu and I had known each other since 2007, but only started dating in 2015. We were actually first introduced to each other by our respective ex’s, we even used to double date with them! After a few years of not speaking, I spent some time in the South of Spain for work, close to where Stu’s parents own a house. The coincidence lead to us reconnecting and eventually Stu asked me out for a ‘drink and a catch up’…that’s where it all started really! We’d been dating 2 years before that New York trip and had squeezed so much into that time, it felt so right!

And your engagement story? How did he pop the question?

We’d planned a trip to New York for the week before Christmas. I had my suspicions that something may be about to happen, for example, he’d been receiving numerous texts and calls from my best friend for a start…however as the trip went on, my suspicions faded. I packed and unpacked both of our cases and there was no little box! He was also really chilled about our plans while we were there. I’d imagined if he were to do it, he’d have something fixed in his mind.

We got to the last day and we’d already done a lot of the big attractions, so really the thought had gone from my head!

The morning of the proposal we went for a real American-diner style breakfast, then decided to wander up to Central Park. We made our way towards the fountain, and to my surprise Stu was really angry that the fountain was empty and had no water in, he wouldn’t even let us stop for photos and dragged me off!! I later found out, he’d originally intended to get on one knee in front of the fountain! Anyway, we walked a while to find a Horse and Carriage. Once in the Carriage, heading from Park Lane back into the park, he told me that he’d had the most amazing trip and wanted to make it even better. He pulled out a small box and inside was a beautiful Swarovski and Tanzanite ring. He told me that he’d like to marry me! I was so happy! Riding a Horse & Carriage in Central Park had always been my dream, and he’d just made it even more memorable!

After the ride, we headed to Tavern on the Green in the middle of the park for some bubbles while we called our family and friends. Stu had already asked permission from my dad (who had in turn told my mum) and my best friend. He was under strict instructions that I had to call my dad before anybody else! It was only a little while after that we realised that he hadn’t actually asked me to marry him, he’d just told me he wanted to marry me – I’d said yes anyway! He also told me a little later that he’d picked and designed the ring himself, knowing how much I’d wanted an unusual ring, he’d chosen Tanzanite as it’s December’s stone, and the inside engraved with ‘Forever and Always’, which is our ‘thing’. I was blown away by the thought that went into it.  

In the evening, we headed up the Rockefeller Centre for Cocktails and Whisky with views of the Empire State Building and went to Gallagher’s afterwards for a beautiful dinner. It was a dream, I was on Cloud 9!!

What made you chose to get married abroad over a UK wedding?

I’d always imagined getting married abroad, and luckily for me Stu agreed. We decided it was the best way to have a memorable, small and intimate wedding. We could both picture ourselves on the beach at sunset surrounded by just a small number of our friends and families. We decided that a traditional wedding wasn’t really for us, we wanted it to show off us as a couple. The wedding we’ve chosen is perfect for this…

How did your families react when you announced you were getting married abroad?

I think that they’d all expected it to be honest. We had to make a few difficult decisions, for example that my Grandad and Stuart’s Nan wouldn’t be able to leave the country to attend. Also, Stuart’s sister lives on the West Coast of the States, so wherever we picked could mean difficulties for that side of the family to attend. My mum and dad constantly told me that we needed to decide what was right for us, it was our day and we should do what made us happy, so we took the plunge and made the decision!

You’ve chosen to get married in Crete, was this an easy decision or did you look at several other destinations before choosing?

We looked at a few destinations, further afield than Crete, but we were drawn back to Europe purely due to cost reasons. We’d spent our summer holiday on the island of Crete in 2017 and fell in love with the island – the laid back lifestyle, the food and the beautiful beaches. It wasn’t a hard decision at all once we’d seen the venue – it was exactly what we wanted for our wedding day!

We’re so excited for the next time we catch up with Kerry to hear all about her plans! Is the island of Crete your ideal wedding location? Leave your comments below!

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  1. What a lovely diary to read. We hope you both have a beautiful time making the arrangements and enjoy your special day. Look forward to reading more xxxxx

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