Diary of a Destination Bride – Meet April and Scott

Meet April and Scott! Our Zante couple saying their I do’s in July 2019 on Cameo Island followed by a reception at Serenity.

Amy will be featuring on our blog as a Diary of a Destination Bride and we’re so excited to be involved in her wedding planning journey!

Today April is telling us a little bit more about her and Scott and why they chose Greece for their wedding. Enjoy x 

Tell me about you and your partner…how did you meet?

My partner and I are an online dating success story. We met online on a dating website back in 2014. After being single for 3 years and with no luck of meeting anyone for some time, I took the plunge and signed myself up to a dating website.

Some time down the line, Scott, my husband to be, dropped me a message to say hello and it went from there. We clicked straight away and decided to meet for a date in a pub in a local town on 24th of July 2014. As it was all done online without having met him before, I told my closest friends to make them aware of the situation. You do need to be cautious with these things. Anyway, we met, had some drinks and spoke a lot. It felt comfortable. It felt right. A few dates later and a few months down the line Scott introduced me to his son Lewis (then 6 years old) dressed as batman. We clicked and soon we became a small readymade family.

And your engagement story? How did he pop the question?

We were on our first ever holiday together as a family in Rhodes last year (2017) and it just so happened that we were on holiday on the 3 year anniversary date of the day that Scott and I met for our first date. I am a teacher so holiday times are limited. Anyway, we had already been there for a few days and we were having such a fantastic time together, Rhodes is such a lovely place but I have always loved Greece in general.

We went about our day and that evening we decided to dine on the sea front eating area of the hotel restaurant followed by evening entertainment from a singing tribute act. We sat near the bar drinking our cocktails and Scott asked Lewis (my soon to be step son) to take a photo of us both together. Scott told me to stand up and Lewis stood with the phone camera pointing at us. I turned my head to find Scott on his knee and Lewis took the snap, blurred as it may be, he got the action shot of our moment. Of course I said yes! It was such a magical moment for me and a moment I have dreamed of my whole life.

A few moments after I sat and began to contact everyone closest to me to tell them the news, I forgot about the entertainment that night and didn’t notice that Lewis had taken himself off to the stage to speak to the singers. Next thing we heard was both Scott and I’s names being called out through the microphone congratulating us and asking us to come to the front and dance together. We were mortified! But the gesture from Lewis was so wonderful! He was clearly happy for us both.

What made you choose to get married abroad over a UK wedding?

I have always said that when I get married it would be abroad. I don’t really know why but it is something I have always been determined to do. Maybe it is because so many of our families have done the Traditional UK wedding and I wanted something a little more special and exotic. Plus you can almost guarantee the perfect weather. The fact now that Scott popped the question abroad made me more determined to marry him abroad. I guess it is also a cheaper alternative to some UK weddings too.

How did your families react when you announced you were getting married abroad?

My parents always knew that it was what I wanted to do so it didn’t come as a surprise to them and they were more than happy. Scott’s family were also happy for our decision and keen to make it a big family event. More importantly Scott was very supportive of my ambition to marry abroad.

You’ve chosen to get married in Zakynthos, was this an easy decision or did you look at several other destinations before choosing?

I knew I wanted to marry in Greece on a Greek island since seeing ‘Mamma Mia’. I love it! I wanted a beach ceremony and for me it was about finding the right beach venue in Greece that was private and Cameo Island came up the perfect choice, an idyllic setting and backdrop for our magical day. Cameo Island is the reason we chose Zakynthos.

Will you be saying your I do’s in Greece? Leave your comments in the box below! 

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