Diary of a Destination Bride – Meet Andrew and Nicol


We’re so delighted to re-introduce Diary of a Destination Bride!

The lovely couple we’ll be following are Nicol and Andrew from Manchester, they marry at the breathtaking Rocabella Hotel in Santorini next July. To start with we’ll tell you a little about how they met, its a brilliant read!


Andrew and Nicol have set up a brilliant website to tell their family and friends about their wedding plans. I thought how better than introduce them than to use snippets form their website about how they met! We’ll be asking Nicol to update us every month or so on her wedding plans and ofcourse a bit more regularly as we get closer to the big day. 

Their Story

Andrew and Nicol are school sweethearts and have known each other since they were 12 years old. The couples friendship grew over the years mainly due to Andrew and Nicols’ brother Greg being best friends (yes he’s one of the best men too)

After school they went their separate ways and met again years later when Nicol went to Manchester to audition for the TV show Shipwrecked (do you remember this? the original reality TV show)

After a few drinks at now what is their “local pub” the couples love affair started!

They began dating secretly to start with and then decided after a few months to officially “going steady” they announced their relationship to their friends and family (little did they know that everyone already knew)!

A few adventures later the couple bought their first property together a “flouse” a flat over three floors which they adore and a week later they took a trip of a lifetime, a safari to Kenya.  

I’ll let Nicol and Andrew tell you about their proposal in their words!

“After arriving at the airport, once Nicol had stop stressing with tickets, passports etc, while sitting at the champagne bar watching the planes Nicol had one final shuffle of the passports and tickets putting them in the designated file she had prepared. Andrew slid over his keys “throw them in your bag please” the usual from Andrew… a few times a year Andrew throws his keys in Nicol’s bag only for Nicol to drive to work the next day with the keys still in the bag… so…he can’t lock the flouse up…so…Andrew can’t go to work… another classic. Anyway… unbeknown to Nicol, Andrew had attached a ring to the one of the key-rings. Andrew just stared at them, Nicol being a fuss pot and too interested in her new Kenya stationary pack, god that girl loves stationary, she hadn’t noticed the ring until Andrew said once again, this time with a downward stare… “Put the keys in your bag”… Nicol looked down and it caught her eye, well, you can imagine the tears… and the tears… and more tears… and yes it really was that bad… in fact ridiculous! I don’t even think Nicol heard “will you marry me?” not sure she said yes…hang on what’s this all about… She hasn’t even agreed to this wedding!”

 They are one of the nicest couples you are ever likely to meet so if you think of any questions you’d like me to ask them just let me know! I’m sure they would be happy to answer!

I can’t wait to write about all their fabulous wedding adventures.

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