Diary of a Destination Bride – Meet Aimee & Ben!

This morning I’m introducing you all to our newest Diary of a Destination Bride Aimee and her hubby to be Ben. They have known each other since the young age of 13 and after the bride to be found love at first sight in the gorgeous Sunset View Terrace in Santorini they will be saying their I do’s here in August 2018.

With lots of planning yet to do up until the big day Aimee will be keeping us posted on her plans so keep your eyes peeled! Over to Aimee who is going to tell us a little bit about herself and her other half…

Tell me a bit about yourself and your partner…

Ben works as a field debt recovery agent for an energy company, I work for the same company but in the office dealing with complaints. We actually worked together in the office for 3 years before he went into the field (everyone always assumed this is where we met but we were already together when we started). Ben is absolutely golf mad and my mum jokes that I am a golf widow already! I enjoy shopping and spending time with friends. We have a cat called Billy who is our baby and we have been together nearly 5 years and engaged for 2.

How did you meet?

I have known Ben since I was 13, but it wasn’t until I was 18 that we got together. We met through his sister who is my best friend and maid of honour. I don’t remember the first time that we actually met but at the time he was just my best friends very good looking older brother. I never would of guessed that down the line we would be getting married!

And your engagement story? How did he pop the question?

I had just come back from a week in Ibiza, while I was away Ben had been acting very strange, at the time I actually thought he was going to break up with me! When he came to pick me up from the airport he barely spoke to me all the way home but on the front door to our flat there was an envelope with ‘clue 1’ on the front. He had done a little treasure hunt hiding envelopes throughout our flat leading to a box that he had painted and covered with pictures of us. When I opened it there was a letter inside which was very sweet and when I turned around he was down on one knee!

real-santorini-wedding-alex-oliver-2015 (7)

Aimee and Ben’s wedding venue – Sunset View Terrace – Photography by Anna Roussos

What made you chose to get married abroad over a UK wedding?

One of my friends was looking online at possible wedding venues and I hadn’t really thought of getting married abroad at that point. Just out of curiosity I googled weddings abroad and saw the Sunset View Terrace, it was so gorgeous I decided I didn’t mind where it was I wanted to get married there, it was perfect! I had not seen any venues that I liked in my area near Manchester and to be able to have a holiday with all of our friends/family at the same time swayed me towards going abroad.

How did your families react when you announced you were getting married abroad?

Our family especially parents were really supportive and excited, as we were able to book 2 years in advance it meant that everyone has plenty of time to save up

You’ve chosen to get married in Santorini, was this an easy decision or did you look at several other destinations before choosing?

It was the venue that I fell in love with so to be honest I didn’t look at any other destinations. I haven’t been to Santorini before but the pictures look beautiful. Since booking I have spoken to a few family members who have been and really enjoyed it. I can’t wait!


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