Diary of a Destination Bride – Lisa & Kieran – Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaids and The Small Details!

Well where do I start…..

So much has been going on in regards to the planning of the wedding and so many decisions have been made. I have chosen my wedding dress which I am in love with. I think people are going to be a little shocked at what I have chosen as am I. I won’t go into detail about the dress for obvious reasons. I found it so easy picking a dress, most styles suited me (which was very lucky) it was just deciding on the style I wanted to go for.

We started our legal process which made it feel very real, especially sat in the registry office. We have had a few issues with this process only because Kieran’s surname was changed when he was a child, so a few trips back and forth to the solicitors have been made but all worth it!

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I have chosen my adult bridesmaids dresses and the small bridesmaid’s dresses! They all look so beautiful and this makes me super proud, I couldn’t think of walking down the aisle without any of them. I changed the colour of the big bridesmaid’s dresses a couple of times but I’m so happy I did, we have gone for frushia pink and they are quite flowy dresses so will look good with a bit of wind. We found the dresses at the Chylesmore bridal shop who have been brilliant, they match my dress at the top so it looks good. We have chosen for the small bridesmaids to wear the same colour as me and their dresses are ballerina style at the top with lots of tulle fabric at the bottom, they also have a ring so the dresses don’t irritate their legs on the day. I have 3 adult bridesmaids and 3 little ones. I was going to be having 4 big bridesmaids but unfortunately we have had some terrible news which means one of my bridesmaids is unable to attend, this has really upset me but I completely understand why.

We have arranged for Helen Savva to do all of our hairs on the day as I wouldn’t have a clue and she looks very talented. I am in the process of choosing the hair styles at the moment to send to her. I have decided to do our own make up as I am internationally trained MUA and I am going to be having a tutorial with the bridesmaids before so we can all decide what looks good together.


We have also had to decide on extra things that we are going to be having to add a little quirkiness to the wedding, which if it goes right then I think we might just pull it off. The only issue is getting it over to Santorini as the baggage will cost a fortune, but small price to pay I suppose. An example is having disposable cameras on the tables for the guests with I-spy cards which have been personalised.

We have arranged our hens and stags, we have 2 each! For Kieran’s first stag do he is off to Tenerife (I am dreading the state he comes back in!) then for his second stag he is off to Liverpool. I am going to Manchester and then something else is happening the last weekend of April too which no one will tell me, but I have heard live singer, champagne and my mum’s house…shhhhh!!

Oh I almost forgot to mention that I have my shoes and underwear and so do my bridesmaids! The shoes are all just very simple, nothing fancy as I doubt they will be on my feet too long.


We have arranged for the music we would like our DJ to play, myself and Kieran love dancehall music so we have arranged for a DJ with links to radio 1 to mix some music for us so we can play it at Theros. We have also provided the saxophonist with the music that we would like playing for after we are married, which is so exciting as we love the sound of a saxophonist and can imagine it will bring a happy upbeat vibe for after the I Do’s!

I could write about a million and one things that have been happening but the highlights for me are what I have written. I also don’t want to give everything away.

It’s looking like all the hard work is finally paying off! We’ve had to work so hard to be able to afford the wedding that we have longed for so I am so happy that it’s all coming together.

I would also like to say I could not have done any of this without the bridal consultants. Sasha and Lisa have been right on point. I’ve never known an organisation like it especially working in such a busy industry. You have made my life so so much easier. You are both brilliant at what you do, even picking up the phone and having a quick chat to put my mind at ease it makes such a difference. So I will be forever grateful.


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