Diary of a Destination Bride – Lianne and Mark – The Theme!

As the interim planning of their wedding is now underway, I’m catching up with Diary of a Destination Bride Lianne who will be marring her other half Mark in Santorini next year to talk wedding themes!

Tell us a bit about your wedding theme…

We are not really basing our wedding on one particular theme, we are keeping it very simple, elegant and romantic. As I own a florist at home I am incorporating a lot of flowers into the day as I love them and think they make a wedding. The fact we are getting married abroad is a factor in the theme too.

What kind of overall feel do you want for your special day?

We want quite a chilled and relaxed atmosphere taking in the amazing views and having the best day spending time with all of our nearest and dearest.

Diary of a Destination Bride - Lianne and Mark - The Theme!

Lianne’s wedding theme inspiration

What colours have you chosen to incorporate in your day and what details will include these colours?

Our colour theme is pale pink, white and navy blue. The bridesmaids are wearing pink and the groom and ushers are wearing navy and white. The flowers will be pale pink and white along with the cake.

What resources are you/have you been using to collect all of your ideas and inspiration?

I have been using google images and Pinterest a lot! I get ideas in my head and try to find them on there. I have so many ideas and at the moment I’m just trying to plan what will work best with each other.

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If you haven’t already met our Diary of a Destination couple Lianne and Mark, meet them here.




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