Diary of a Destination Bride – Kaleigh & Liam: Wedding Dresses!

Hey guys! I have decided my 1st blog entry (all by myself) should be about wedding dresses. Obviously like a complete and utter girl I started looking online for wedding dresses from pretty much the second I got engaged, I realised quickly that I wanted a really relaxed look for our beach wedding and I wanted my bridal look to be about the ‘look’ as a whole rather than just ‘the dress’.

diary-of-a-destination-bride-kaleigh-liam (1)I came across 2 websites that did pretty much exactly what I wanted, grace loves lace and daughters of simone. Unfortunately both of these designers are based overseas and that would mean ordering a dress to fit and taking a chance on whether or not I actually liked it on me, which I wasn’t going to risk (although price wise I think they are pretty reasonable).

Grace Loves Lace

Here are just a few examples of their dresses (so hard to pick just a few as they are all nice!)

diary-of-a-destination-bride-kaleigh-liam (2)

Daughters of Simone

diary-of-a-destination-bride-kaleigh-liam (1)

So with that being the case I thought ‘even though I don’t think I’ll find anything I like in any local bridal boutique’s I’m going to go dress shopping for the experience if nothing else’. My sister made a couple of appointments with a couple of boutiques and although the dresses are beautiful they just aren’t for me at all, I felt like a child playing dress up! I’m only petite and they are all so heavy and over powering and a lot of them (not all ) aren’t very fashionable! But saying that I’m glad I went as it was fun and it confirmed what I didn’t want!

Another reason I’m glad I went shopping that day is because in between appointments we had a little time to go in a few vintage stores in that area which is where I found the perfect dress for me! As soon as I tried it on it felt like me, it’s everything I wanted… relaxed, bohemian and perfect for an overseas wedding in August (it will be sooo hot!). I also LOVE that it’s vintage, at a guess I would say it was late 60s maybe very early 70s. And even though technically it may not have been made to be a wedding dress I figured it’s white so it will pass for one.

I’m hoping to go veil shopping soon so I’ll take my dress along so I can get the full effect of what it will look like…wish me luck!

Kaleigh xox

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