Diary of a Destination Bride – Kaleigh & Liam – The bridesmaids!

Happy Monday everyone! This morning I’m catching  up with the lovely Zante bride to be Kaleigh who is filling me in on what her and her bridesmaids have been up to in the wedding planning process so far! Over to Kaleigh:

Hi everyone,

So recently I have focused on my bridesmaids. I have four bridesmaids , 3 of my sisters and one friend. Obviously I wish I could have all of my friends as my bridesmaids but there would be nobody left to watch the wedding!


I wanted my bridesmaids to feel good about what they will be wearing and I feel it’s important to feel like yourself at a big event, especially one that will be photographed a lot so I decided that the girls could choose their own dresses. The only direction I gave them was that the colour had to be Coral and that I didn’t want to them to choose a dress based on what they thought a bridesmaid should wear, I wanted them to just choose something they liked. All the dresses they have gotten are different styles and shades but the colours are in the same Coral family and they were all bought from high street stores.


Kaleigh with her 3 sisters/bridesmaids


This weekend we chose what sandals they should wear, as the dresses will all be different I thought it would be best to wear the same sandals to tie everything together. We have just chosen some quite plain sandals as I’m encouraging the girls to style up there look so I didn’t want anything that would look ‘too much’. The sandals we have chosen are from New Look and have a gold shimmer to them.


As the wedding will be pretty relaxed with a hint of ‘boho’ I have suggested that a more ‘boho’ hairstyle would be the best way to go. So we are thinking, beachy waves or braids – something like that, again they can have slightly different if they want.

Other wedding related things I have been up to include booking our appointment our local registrar’s office and making sure all our guests bookings at the travel agents are ok, this is the week where the holiday is paid for and we get our final numbers for the wedding! Exciting….. not long now!

Would you let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses and style for your wedding?


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