Diary of A Destination Bride – Kaleigh & Liam – Final Planning!

Happy Monday!

This morning I’m catching up with Diary of a Destination bride to be Kaleigh for the final time to find out what she has left to do on the run up to her big day. Kaleigh and Liam say their I do’s on the 16th of August 2015 (which is now this coming Sunday!!) on the gorgeous Cameo Island and we’re dying to know what they’ve been up to!

What have you been up to since we last caught up, is everything coming together?

Since my last entry I have had 2 Hen do’s!! They were both brilliant, we went cheerleading and had a royal tea party (and the went out) for one and for the other we had a native American themed glamping weekend. They were sooo much fun I wish I could do them both again!

I’ve also had all my bridesmaids around for a little dress rehearsal to make sure everybody goes together (the bridesmaid’s chose their own dresses).

I also need to make all my name cards for the tables….but other than that not much to do apart from make sure I have enough holiday clothes!

What flowers and colours have you chosen for your bouquet? And what about the buttonholes?

I have chosen a mix of white and peach flowers consisting of chrysanthemums, lilies, roses with some foliage for my bouquet and a white rose for the buttonholes.

What’s your menu choice and are all of your guests happy with this?

For the menu choice we went with the Luxury BBQ option as we just prefer that kind of food, hopefully everyone else does too.

diary-of-a-destination-bride-kaleigh-liam-final-planning (2)

What plans do you have left to do now in the run up to your wedding day?

To be honest it will just be making sure I have everything together and ready to take away, I would hate to miss something and leave it behind.

What are you most looking forward to about the day and what are you most nervous about?

Apart from getting married to Liam (obviously) the thing that I’m most looking forward to is having a great time with everyone at the reception, but I’m sooo nervous about the possibility of falling flat on my face down the stairs at Cameo Island in front of everyone!!!!

Have you had any wedding planning disasters along the way?

No real disasters to be honest, the only stress was organising all the holiday bookings but other than that the actual wedding organising has been pretty stress free which is exactly the reason I wanted a wedding abroad.


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