Diary of a Destination Bride – Christel and Daniel – The Theme!

Today I’m catching up with Diary of a Destination Bride Christel to talk wedding themes! The bride to be knows exactly what she wants for her special day and has shared with us a selection of stunning mood boards full of inspiration! 

Christel will be marrying her other half Daniel  at our Sunset View Terrace in September 2017. If you haven’t already, meet the couple and their wedding party here. 

Tell us a bit about your wedding theme…

We don’t exactly have a traditional theme exactly. All we know is that we want to create a special moment for both ourselves and our guests that reflects quality and elegance. A unique and eye-catching day.


Christel’s wedding theme inspiration

What was your inspiration?

We really want a day that reflects the both of us. We both love black and white, and gold at that! Both of our personalities are bold, vibrant and full of sass so that definitely shows as well.

What kind of overall feel do you want for your special day?

We want it to feel elegant, timeless and unique at the same time. We both have a love for classic and vintage things so we want to give a little of that feel without it feeling too theme focused. I love those old wedding photos that are still so relevant today, and I’d want our photos to give the same glamorous feel, nothing making it feel too dated.


Christel’s wedding theme inspiration

We want it to be luxurious and glamorous with minimal added frills. We really want to invest our efforts into less items if you will, but very striking things. Really doing more with less.  The focus being the amazing view/location, great food and drinks, music and above all friends and family to share in a lifetime experience together.  

It will be a formal, black tie event because even in the warm weather we want people to go all out and have fun with it! Daniel loves music so having live music and a great playlist is super important as well.

What colours have you chosen to incorporate in your day and what details will include these colours?

We want to keep it simple but bold. Black and White with small accents of gold.


Christel’s wedding theme inspiration

What resources are you/have you been using to collect all of your ideas and inspiration?

Pinterest is a dream! I’m a super visual person so every free moment I get I’m pinning gorgeous photos, looking through bridal magazines, surfing social media for bridal inspiration and adding all my favorites to create mood boards (I absolutely love creating mood boards!). I create them often as part of my job as a Fashion Buyer and have even more fun doing it for something so personal as my wedding.

Until next time…..

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see the results on Christel and Daniel’s wedding day! Leave your comments in the box below and don’t forget to share!


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