Diary of a Destination Bride – Christel and Daniel – The Planning and Finding the perfect Dress

Today the blog is being graced by our lovely Diary of a Destination Bride to be Christel! Who in 6 months time, will be marrying other half Daniel on the stunning Greek Island of Santorini!

With the big day getting closer and closer, I’m catching up with the bride to hear all about her plans…

With the wedding only being 6 months away, how is your planning coming along? Do you still have lots to arrange or are you as organised as can be?

I would say I’m pretty organized and have everything properly tracked on a detailed spreadsheet with mood boards and all. At this point most of the major things are planned and set, the toughest part is really estimating what the final guest count will be. A destination wedding is obviously a lot more complicated when it comes to the number of guests and that number affects the cost of most things so that’s the biggest variable. 

Did you find it easy to find your perfect dress and decide on an overall bridal look? Were you surprised with your choice?

I can happily say I’ve officially said yes to the dress! I work in fashion buying for a living so when it came to choosing my gown it was no surprise I was very particular about the details and more so what I did and didn’t want. I really wanted to say within a reasonable budget and visited 5-6 bridal salons before making my final decision. I wanted to be sure I had seen all my options and was making the best choice.

The dress I ultimately chose was one of the first both I and my bridesmaids instinctively loved. I brought 3-5 of my girlfriends with me to each appointment but when I made my final decision, I went back to my favorite salon and made the decision on my own. I found that although it was a great experience to have my girlfriends during the fittings, too many opinions only made me more confused. I made sure to try all kinds of gowns on for the experience.

I found that the photos and videos my maid of honor took at each appointment really helped in my decision. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment when you’re at the salons but its important to go back and analyze the photos from different angles once you’re home alone and can get a better idea of how you feel about each gown. 

Are your bridesmaid’s happy with their dresses? 

I think so. I did my best to choose a color and style that would flatter all my bridesmaids well. I wanted my girls to be just as glammed up as I will be on the big day. When I saw how well the gowns looked I wanted to wear them myself!

Diary of a Destination Bride

What about the groom/groomsmen, have they chosen their attire? 

We just chose and ordered Daniel’s tuxedo this past weekend as well! Our groomsmen will be in a very similar style but we definitely wanted Daniel to stand out and feel just as special so his tux is customized just for him. 

What about the smaller details…have you finalised your flowers/decoration? Have you completed any DIY projects that you are going to incorporate into the day?

Not too many DIY projects as of now. I’ve been finalizing the decorative stylist details for the wedding day which has been some of the most fun of the process! I really enjoyed having the creative freedom to see our vision come to life. Each detail down to the flowers and invitations definitely add up so prioritizing was key. Our location is the focal point of the day outside of the bride and groom so everything else was really just added perks. I had a lot of fun working with the design team at Wedding Wish to create our ideal day’s vision. There are really so many beautiful possibilities and I wish I could have them all. 

Until next time…

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