Carddies – The essential activity set for your youngest guests.

The Carddies Activity Set

I first came across Carddies last year when they emailed The Bridal consultant to tell me about their new product, a new activity set and keepsake for younger weddings guests .

So when I started working on a Giveaway for the launch of Luvana and wanted to create a giveaway to celebrate the launch of Luvana, I asked them if they wanted to get involved and they very generously offered us 2 sets of Carddies to include in our giveaway. They also sent us an extra set to review and I had just the perfect person in mind, my 9 year old daughter Olympia.

The kits arrived a few days later in the post and I was pleasantly surprised by how compact and lightweight they were, a huge advantage for destinations weddings when you can struggle for space packing all the items you need to get in your luggage. The kits are also lightweight enough to send in advance by courier with any other decorative items you may send in advance.

When I gave the kit to Olympia she was so excited she got started straight away, being 9 she’s still so excited by everything, (long may it last) She was so excited to open it and discover all the colouring pens, the cut out characters and the detailed scene. She then spent every spare minute before/after school for the next 2.5 days colouring the Carddie, I even caught her sneaking it to bed one night . She’s since spent a good amount of time playing with the characters she’s created and named and even now 2 weeks later it’s sits in prime position in her bedroom next to her bed so considering the attention span of a typical 9 year old it’s really stood the test of time when it comes to captive interest!

As a mum I was delighted to see her devotion and attention colouring in the intricate details and as a wedding planner I can see the appeal in those precious moments during speeches or dinner when you would ideally like a bit of quiet. With Carddies you can’t go wrong, there is enough detail to satisfy a detail obsessed 9 year old and also cute enough to thrill a ‘not so careful’ 3 or 4 year old! To be honest I could see my youngest niece and nephew Alex and Elsie being very happy with one of these packs and they are just 2(altought you may want to take out the small plastic pieces for the younger ones so they don’t try to eat them) and I dare say they’d probably enjoy playing with it more than colouring.

I asked Olympia to summarise her thoughts about Carddies, which I’ve rephrased and bullet pointed here below, with her approval of course.


  • I love the detail in the characters and the background, I loved colouring it in 
  • I love that you get 12 colours to use, sometimes when you get colouring kits you end up with 3 or 4 colours. With Carddies you have a great choice of colours making the colouring more fun and you can as much detailed as you like.
  • I love the characters are double sided so you can colour the front and the back, it makes them more real
  • I like how you get to name the characters on the sheet and then you get to colour them in again.
  • I love that each character comes with a stand so you can play with them after and they don’t fall over!
  • I asked Olympia if she thought her cousins would love the Carddie set. ‘ I think my cousin Emmie ( 6 years), (Lara-Grace 5) and Elsieand Alex (both 2), would love it. and perhaps even my 13 year old cousin Izzy!

In summary and in her exact words ‘ there isn’t really anything bad to say Mummy, it’s pretty brilliant’

If you want to purchase Carddies for your little (or older ) wedding guests, visit their amazon store her use promotional code LOVECARD for an exclusive discount and enter our give away here so you’re in a chance of winning 2 free sets!

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