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English Wedding | The Bridal Consultants

Lisa and Alex’s journey all started with a secret vintage themed English wedding. What Lisa thought was going to be a normal day (the very last day before the start of their trip) infact became a magical day full love, laughter, joy filled tears and all at the hands of her very talented and clever groom who planned every last detail without Lisa knowing!English Wedding - Makeup

English Wedding | 2 People 1 Life

 English Wedding - A secret day

The day started with Lisa have her hair and make up done, with the obligatory glass of champagne and a nibble of a Cherry Bakewell to calm the nerves!

The dress was perfect and given that she’d had only one fitting the Charlotte Balbier gown fit like a glove and the flowers when presented to Lisa would have been the same had she picked them herself with peonies, sweet Williams, lavender, mint and vintage English rose buds.

The bride was escorted on foot by both mum and dad as she went to meet the very nervous Alex. Lisa was in awe of the room which was decorated with such considered detail, with flowers matching Lisa’s bouquet adorning the chandeliers and candelabras. The service followed with readings from close friends and Lisa struggled to keep her composure with the personalized vows, the couple were eventually pronounced “2people2life”. The ceremony ended with a beautiful throw of confetti and bubbles.

English Wedding - The Bridal Consultants

Lisa’s favorite part of the whole day is that the wedding was a community creation thanks to some very talented local people who managed to keep the wedding a secret, along with the 40 family and friends who gathered to witness the first wedding in the couples exciting adventure.

The very next day the couple left to Canada and the start of their wedding journey, come back next week to read about wedding number 2 in Quebec.

Photos courtesy of http://2people1life.com/

Photography: Jonny Draper Photography | Wedding Dress: Charlotte Balbier from The White Closet | Bridal Accessories: Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe | Makeup: Emma Draper MUA | Flowers: Didsbury Flower Lounge | Decor: And all things nice | Music ; King & Jones | Zoe Chiotis | Food and drink: And The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon Thyme Out DeliFrankies Fish Bar Reserve Wine | Rhubarb Restaurant Love to Eat Restaurant Pinchjo’s Restaurant | Ceremony: The Metropolitan Pub Didsbury |Held by Jim Gregory | Planners: Didsbury Life

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