2 People 1 Life – A worldwide wedding adventure!

Worldwide Wedding Adventure - Married in New York

Married by Martha Stewart in New York!

I first read about Lisa and Alex’s adventure over Christmas on Twitter, I was completely blown away and if completely honest a little jealous about their journey! What an amazing experience to travel the world with your fiance and get married in so many gorgeous and unique places along the way, this is serious wedding research! A true Worldwide Wedding Adventure! Not only are they making so many treasured friends along the way they get to experience to wonderful cultural differences of weddings around the world.

I contacted Lisa to say we’d be delighted to follow their journey. I thought it would be a great way to inspire a own destination wedding couples, ok we’re not all about to leave our job and travel the world (as much as we’d like to) but we could all be inspired about how the couple approach getting married and the unique way they plan every wedding to ensure its as special as the first.

To start i thought it would be good idea to learn a bit about the idea behind the adventure.

Worldwide Wedding Adventure - The travellers

Lisa and Alex, The Wedding Travellers!

From Lisa
Back in the year 2000 I met a boy. I didn’t know it at the time but that moment changed my life. I know it sounds like a cliche and absolutely like cheese on toast but its completely true!

We were friends for years, eventually lovers and then went our separate ways for a while…well…for 5 years!

After both of us going through some wild relationships we caught up again for a drink and instantly knew we should have never let each other go.

Within a few months we were planning the trip we’d both been dreaming about since that day back in 2000!

We put Alex’s business up for sale, put the house up for sale and worked all hours to save the pennies to make our dreams come true!

So finally…3 years down the line…business sold, house sold, jobs quit and our joint 60 years of life packed into boxes, sold and donated…the journey begins!

Finding the perfect Venue

The couple are on the search for the ultimate wedding destination where they will evenutaly officially tie the knot, to do this they are travellling the world in their 24 year old Camper Van “Peggy” and having a ceremony in each c0unty they visit! Sounds incredible but they had their 38th wedding!

Starting next Thursday and continuing each week we’ll delve into their journey right from the start up the current day! And eventually their real wedding! Can’t even imagine how they are going to choose.

If you can’t wait you can visit their website for a sneak peak http://2people1life.com/blog/

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